Thursday, November 04, 2010

More surprises in Bridgeport

(counting votes in Florida 2000)

Like, a bag full of surprises!

According to CT New Junkie:
A shocking new charge emerged outside the Bridgeport government building where overtime vote-counting is taking place to determine the winner of Tuesday’s gubernatorial election: that a new “bag” full of uncounted ballots has been located.


Richard Albrecht of Bridgeport, the Foley attorney, said Foley staffers were approached around 6 p.m. by Art Laske, Bridgeport’s assistant city attorney. Laske told them there’s a “bag of ballots” somewhere in the building that have not been counted yet, according to Albrecht.

Democratic officials—whom he wouldn’t name—wanted the Foley campaign to deputize someone to help count the ballots, according to Albrecht. But the Foley campaign refused, saying it was an improper procedure.

The Foley representatives present at the press conference said they have not seen the bag.
Holy shit! WTF is going on in Bridgeport?

Bridgeport Democratic Registrar Sandy Ayala:
“There is no bag missing,” Ayala said. “No bag has been found, because there is no bag missing. There’s no bag, so there’s no bag to find. Any bag used in this election has been properly sealed under lock and key. Everything will be done in the light of night. I really don’t care what they are saying on TV and radio. The Republican registrar and I are on the same page. There are no bags missing or found.”
Well, OK. Look, it should be fairly easy to figure this out.

Since every voter who voted had their name checked off a list before they voted, the city has an accurate count on how many votes were cast, whether on standard ballots or photocopied ballots. When the bag in question is counted, that will go onto the total of the ballots cast. The number of voters should reconcile with the number of ballots total. If they do, great.

If they don't...well, let's just say that this will drag on through the new year before it gets resolved.


Anonymous said...

BRIDGEPORT -- get your act together! This is a mess in Bridgeport. Those Registrar of Voters are going to have a rough month, year?

oldswede said...

Someone is spreading FUD* to discredit this election completely.

*fear, uncertainty and doubt, made famous as a marketing strategy Microsoft was accused of using to intimidate competitors.

lakezoarian said...

"IF" there actually IS a "bag of ballots."

I'm especially skeptical considering the "whistleblower(s)" reached out to the campaign widely expected to lose there...

To quote Lewis Carrol: "Curiouser and curiouser" said Alice.

But you are so right, Bob, about checking the totals from the people coming in to vote as a way of verifying this.

CT Bob said...

It's confirmed that there was a bag of ballots that hadn't been counted, containing either 360 or 335 ballots (depending on the source) from the JFK school. The bag was properly sealed and stored, apparently, so there's little doubt they are authentic.

But this whole thing will still have to go through the courts, as soon as they announce Malloy has won sometime tomorrow.

oldswede said...

I tried to locate the JFK School on various maps, but it can't be found.
Turns out that the school is really called High Horizons Magnet School, which has a JFK Campus, or something.
More confusion. Separates the locals from the clueless media.
As far as I can tell, John F. Kennedy Campus is the place.

CT Bob said...

I believe you're correct on that fact.

Charles said...

"Everything will be done in the light of night."

Whew .. That makes me feel better !!

Orlando R. said...

Not to sound racist or anything but when you leave a city that is mostly black and uneducated, who have historically never taken care of themselves or cared about democracy, you WILL have problems when it comes to entrusting them with conducting an election.
It may not be politically correct but its true. And don't come calling me a Tea Bagger because I'm a life-long Democrat, which should not bar me from speaking honestly.

CT Bob said...

"Not to sound racist..."?

There's hardly anything in your comment that doesn't sound racist!

Of course, we can see that predominately white areas always run their elections smoothly. Like, say, Palm Beach County, circa Nov. 2000.