Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Employee Of The Month

Dan Malloy's financial management ability was questioned by gubernatorial candidate Michael Fedele recently, who pointed out that over $400,000 was embezzled by city employees during Malloy's term.

The pile of missing cash was only discovered after a new mayor took office and looked at the books. Why didn't anyone on Malloy's staff run even the simplest audit of these accounts? Is this the sort of fiscal management we can expect from a Governor Malloy?

From the Hartford Courant:
Employees in three different departments have been arrested this year in alleged embezzlement cases that were uncovered by the new mayor's administration that took office in December. Two of the three workers had been named employee of the month during the Malloy years, and one of them was photographed with Malloy as they smiled during the award ceremony in June 2005. The employee, Fred Manfredonia, was fired this year. (emphasis mine)
I guess when you can subtract 13,000 from 5,000 and still get 5,000, it's easy to overlook nearly a half-million taxpayer dollars.

I wouldn't have bothered bringing this up, but recently Dan Malloy's campaign strategist, Roy Occhiogrosso, has crafted a negative TV ad that not only uses disproved allegations from a NY Times article from 2006, but it's basically the VERY SAME COMMERCIAL that Roy O. made when he was working for Joe Lieberman.

Yes, apparently it's the same guy and the same firm that worked overtime to spew lies about Lamont from four years ago.

I only hope Roy didn't charge Dan Malloy full price for his work. It has all the originality of a mail-order term paper. And of course, it was factually wrong four years ago, and it's still wrong today. Malloy HAS to know this. The fact that Dan approved its use clearly shows that he's willing to get just as dirty as he did four years ago, when he put Mayor John DeStefano in a Goddamned dress for one of his ridiculous negative ads.

This is the guy who wants to run our state?

You're disappointing a lot of people, Dan.

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Anonymous said...

Check it: Fred Manfredonia was the #2 HR guy for the entire city. I know for a fact that he had a direct line to the mayor, though Malloy can claim he isn't responsible because there was one person above Manfredonia in the official chain. But we're not talking about a huge company with 500 VP's...there is one head of Human Resources reporting directly to the mayor, and Manfredonia was alone one step below, with other subordinates further below that he supervised.

It's absurd for Malloy to absolve himself of a theft of this magnitude by someone so close to him. Shouldn't a city org chart be FOIA-able?