Monday, November 08, 2010

Well done, Mr. Foley

At today's press conference, the candidate who finished second in the gubernatorial election finally conceded to Dan Malloy.

In a conciliatory statement, Tom Foley said he would drop any challenge to the outcome, and congratulated Malloy on his victory.

From CT News Junkie:
“The election on Tuesday although very close was a conclusive victory for Dan Malloy. This result should not be questioned. I hope my supporters would accept my word on this,” Foley said. “This race would not have been affected ... by what I have learned [too place] in Bridgeport.”


“I made the decision to run for office after concluding that, win or lose, I would be better off for having tried. That has held true,” he said. “It has been an honor to run for governor in Connecticut.”
It was a nice way to end what had been a very contentious campaign.

Meanwhile, the sore loser award goes to GOP Chairman Chris Healy, who is obviously worried for his job after such a complete and utter failure to win even ONE statewide or federal office. Healy stated that he wants a federal investigation into voting irregularities before the state has even had a chance to audit the election.

While there are definitely issues regarding the voting that need to be addressed, it's fairly clear that Healy is grandstanding to try to deflect the focus from his dismal performance as GOP chair. Even long time Republican supporters are having a tough time defending him, although they try.

Perhaps the most telling defense I've seen so far is, "If not Healy, then whom?", which seems to indicate the GOP is in the game with a very shallow bench here in Connecticut.

In any case, well done Mr. Foley. I give you credit for bowing out with a touch of class. A rarity in politics these days.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Unfortunately there will be an asterisk beside the election results forever; not because of some 'ballot shortage" but due to the mishandling of the ballots in Bridgeport.

CT Bob said...

Every election, even ones that a Republican wins, has some erroneous ballot handling. Which is why there's an automatic recount if the result is within 2,000 votes. I doubt this qualifies as "asterisk-worthy".

But I'd like to see the auto-recount triggered when the results are within .5%, not only within the 2,000 vote number. Which in a million-vote election is only .2%. It's simply not a wide enough margin of error.

However, I think this election was just a few votes outside the .5% range, so it's a moot point in this case. I'd still like to see that become the threshold, since we'll see even more voters in future elections.

Anonymous said...


Tom Foley is washed up in politics. Yes he resigned gracefully, but he had to. His arrests, the Bibb bankruptcy, corporate raider reputation, huge layoffs, pocketing millions, messy divorce, 116 foot yacht, running his wife and kid off the road, lying about it on a Federal security clearance, overstating his role in Iraq, the list goes on and on.

His dirty laundry aired, he failed, he will never succeed in any future elections for any office. His opponents will rip him apart, and he will blow another $11 Million.

Game Over, Tom Foley.