Friday, June 09, 2006

...and it's signed "Best wishes, Joe"

Spazeboy, our favorite multi-media blogger and resident inter-galactic space alien, had a close encounter of the weird kind with our junior Senator today.

Joe Lieberman showed up in Bristol for a barber shop photo-op and diner visit, and the intrepid Spazeboy showed up (as is his right, being a concerned registered Democrat in Connecticut and not affiliated with Ned Lamont's campaign in any way, except as a private citizen with a broadband connection and a bad attitude) with his Amazon-purchased copy (priced at one cent) of Lieberman's classic book, "In Praise of Public Life", hoping for an autograph and maybe a word or two with his Senator.

Spazeboy has an exciting account of his shared moment with Joe. He even got personalized "best wishes" from our Senator, and spent some quality time with a shrill Lieberman staffer, who apparently mistook him for one of those terrible awful Lamont people. Perish the thought!

Read the entire thrilling story, along with some local news video goodness, on the Ned Lamont Resource on La Resistance.


Anonymous said...

That post by spazeboy was a hoot! It makes up for the whining we had to endure on Ch.8 news.

CT Bob said...

Spazeboy rules!