Friday, June 23, 2006

Joe's got issues...

...just not very many of them.

For fun tonight, and yes, this is a typical Friday night for me, I clicked on the "" website. This is Lieberman's official website.

And I saw that Joe has serious issues.

Well, I should say that Joe has some issues.

When I clicked on the "Get Involved" button, the sign-up sheet appeared. After the personal info fields, I captured this image. The lower portion of the window has a section for you to choose "What issues are important to you".

Well, the problem is, there's only a few issues listed; and none of them are the war in Iraq. Yeah, the fucking WAR IN IRAQ doesn't ever rate!

Apparently Joe doesn't think there's any interest in that minor little scrap. That's so....Republican of him.

Check the red arrows in the image below...they all point to "health care" and "social security". Then check the black arrows...while I'm all for keeping Long Island Sound clean, I don't think it merits TWO mentions; especially considering the fact that 2,500 Americans weren't killed trying to clean it up.

Yeah, Joe...sign me up!

I'd love to be able to forget about the war in Iraq too!


Anonymous said...

It's easy for Lieberman to ignore the Iraq war or any of the wars this country has ever engaged in because no matter how far you go back noone is his family has ever shed a drop of blood during one of those wars.

I can't even find a relative that wore a uniform of any American branch of our armed forces.

The Age to join the Armed services was raised to 42 today.

Anyone think Matt Lieberman will be signing up anytime soon?

Matt had enough time to come up to CT over the weekend to help Daddy Campaign.Just think the boost Joe would get if Matt put some Lieberman skin in the game.

tparty said...

Great catch.

FYI, I can't find one single mention of Iraq on Joe's official website.

Guess he really thinks CT voters don't have to worry about anything that might be happening over there.

Anonymous said...

Imagine? Joe Lieberman sends a "push poll" to voters which lists several liberal positions to dEmocratic voters.

But if elected, Joe will do the double switch and vote against them.


Anonymous said...

Lamont still has a lot of work to do if he wants to beat GOPmentum. In the last Rasmussin poll, he is still 6 points behind:

Once again, this is a reminder to not underestimate the stupidity of voters.

Kevin Schmidt, Sterling VA

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the Connecticut Rasmussen poll again:

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about the Rasmussen poll. If Lamont wins the primary, most Democratic voters will stick with the Democratic ticket. Right now, it's just a matter of name recognition. I suspect that Lierberman running as an Independent will do more to split the Republican vote. I could be wrong, but I think the current climate in CT is strongly anti-Bush and voters will want to choose to send a Democrat to the Senate over an Independent even if he is the incumbant.

CT Bob said...

Yes, and 24 hours later, they still haven't changed it.

Which tells me two things:

That they remain completely insensative to the war issue....

...and, I'm still "under their radar" (which kind of pisses me off...what does it take to get them to notice their awful actions?)

Anonymous said...

...and, I'm still "under their radar" (which kind of pisses me off...

Yes, that's the worst part, isn't it?

Pay attention to me! Pay attention to me! (poke poke) Pay attention to me! (pinch pinch) That's your life, and it seems a sad one.

My Arabian friends have a saying: The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on. Here, have a Snausage. Seeya.

CV said...

Yeah snowball,
Your instincts are correct. CT is strongly anti-Bush and strongly anti-Occupation. Lie berman has terribly misRepresented us, but not for very much longer.
I've seen Lamont in small-group meetings with older, conservative (in the old school) Democrats on the Shoreline and he won a lot of respect in Hapless Joe's demographic. He's still Ned Who? to a lot of people but by August 8, they'll know who he is. The real work is going to be GetOutTheVote.
This primary is crucial on a national level. If an incumbent Democratic Senator gets displaced by a primary challenge on policy issues, it will bust the meme that supporting the pResident is the only ticket to re-election. It will give the other incumbents a kick in the butt, maybe even a spine transfusion.
And boy do we need a fired up Democratic majority in the Congress. Not just impeachment of Bush, but the indictment of about forty or fifty of these Thugs (I have a little list). And can you say President Pelosi? (Speaker of the House being third in line)
After that, we have a huge job to do to un-do the damage the bas+ards have done to US.

NoMoJoe, it's time for him to retire.

Anonymous said...

Another fun thing on Joe Lieberman's Joe2006 web page is a place to fill in your 'story' telling how Joe's actions in the Senate have impacted you. Here is what I sent them:

How have I been impacted by Joe’s work in the Senate? Let me count the ways:

1. My personal records have been put at risk by the passage of the Patriot Act.
2. My atheist grandchildren are at risk of having their rights infringed upon when prayers are ok to be said at school graduation ceremonies and “under god” is retained in the pledge of allegiance.
3. Their schools are at risk of losing funding because of school vouchers to church schools if Joe has his way.
4. Joe’s idea that a rape victim can just take a short taxi ride to another hospital for Plan B puts those same grandchildren at risk.
5. My husband’s right to cut off my life support if I should need such an action puts us both at risk.
6. Some of my friends have lost their jobs because of NAFTA.
7. Other friends can be impacted by Joe’s opposition to affirmative action.
8. Still others can be impacted by Joe’s collaboration with Mr. Sanctorum [not a typo] on gay rights.
9. My country was made to look ridiculous by the actions of Joe and others against Clinton and Lewinsky.
10. All past legislation for social progress are at risk because of Joe’s wishy-washy actions on judicial nominations.
11. Did I mention the war in Iraq? My country has lost it’s credibility in the eyes of the world because of this pre-emptive action, to say nothing of the thousands of lives that have been lost, all with the support of Joe.

Anonymous said...

Joe must know by now from whatever phoning his campaign is doing that the war is in fact a big issue among CT voters, as the other issues he messed up with.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously thinking of writing a letter to Rosa Delauro to ask her how she likes standing hand in hand--in the list of "supporters"-- with the likes of 9/11 widow-basher Ann Coulter, or screaming rabid right-winger Sean Hannity. It's not a very pretty picture.
Come to think of it, some of Barbara Boxer's constituents might want to clue her in on the Joe-oh-so-good on women's rights, which is really Joe-oh-so-bad.

Anonymous said...

maybe if you guys could muster more than seven or 8 votes in the senate for a surrender, it might get mentioned. til then, you guys are just little kids screaming from the kiddie table at the big folks in the dining room, guys. come on; know your limitations. you all are cute. and funny. peace.

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I suspect that Lierberman running as an Independent will do more to split the Republican vote.