Monday, June 19, 2006

Lieberman wishy-washes another Indie question

Today, this article in the Hartford Courant has Joe talking about his intentions yet again.

UPDATE: Here is the video I put together today, using his own words.

Rather than just quote the article wholesale, I'm going to make this interesting. See if you can spot all the evasions and contradictions in his statement:

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman said today that he will not withdraw from the Aug. 8 Democratic primary, but he left open the possibility of running in November as a petitioning candidate if he loses the primary.

"I will be in the Democratic primary. I've been a Democrat all my life," he said this morning.

But as in the past, he refused to rule out the option of running as a petitioning candidate should challenger Ned Lamont win the primary.

"If the unexpected happened, do I want to keep open the option of taking my case as an independent Democrat to all the voters of Connecticut so that they can have the last word in November?" Lieberman said. That's an unanswered question, he said.

I'll say it is! Please click on the link above to read the entire article...I ran out of space to put any more flip-flopping Joe heads on this page!

It makes me wonder...which Joe will show up on Primary Day?


Anonymous said...

Or, as Lamont's campaign manager, Tom Swan, said: "Is Ned a Republican, or a `left-wing weirdo?
Bob, good work.& It looks like Lieberman's minions have boxed themselves in with two very contradictory statements, plus the 'mercial.
Anyone prepare to use "Liar" to describe Lieberman yet? I will, I will!

Anonymous said...

Former CT Dem. Party Chair & Senate Majority Leader George Jepsen Endorses Ned!

CT Bob said...

Yeah mui, the news just keeps gettin' better!

I don't think we need to use the "L-word" just yet; that's the kind of thing that would have a greater impact in the 10 or so days before the primary.

Right now it's probably best just to imply it, and people who see the contradictions will figure it out.

boadicea said...

I think I need some dramamine... flip flop flip flop...

I'm definitely feeling dizzy.

Great news about the Jepsen endorsement today. Couldn't have been worded in a more positive, enthusiastic way for Ned.

CT Bob said...

It's simple...Jepsen "gets it". I' sure we'll be seeing more quality endorsements like his in the coming weeks.

It's getting real fun!