Thursday, June 22, 2006

David Sirota video is up!

I had a couple hours to spare today, so I first edited David Sirota's words at the Atticus Book Store-Cafe last night, and I'm currently working on Ned Lamont's remarks. I don't think it's going to be posted until late tonight or tomorrow. Click on David Sirota after you watch the video and check out his web site.

Oh, and my video of "The Kiss" just spiked about 4,000 hits on Youtube today, but I couldn't figure out who was linking to me until I looked at the "links" link on Youtube and saw that had put it into their "Video Dog" section.

That explains all the hits, but the lousy crumb-bums at that crappy pay-for-news service didn't bother to credit me or link to my blog.


Anyway, here's the David Sirota video:


spazeboy said...

You should put your URL on future videos. Not in an annoying way like I do with most of the Ned Lamont Resource videos, but perhaps right at the beginning or end. Hopefully a lot of people are clicking through to at least.

How was the race tonight?

CT Bob said...

We had a great start, then rounded the first mark and then the wind totally died. It took almost an hour to drift back to the start line, while most boats gave up and started their engines.

The beer was cold, though.