Friday, June 09, 2006

My Left Nutmeg - A Community Blog for CT Dems

Spazeboy wrote this over on La Resistance, and it's worth spreading around:

One of the greatest things about the blogosphere, particularly the progressive blogosphere, is the spirited debate and discussion amongst users online. If you’re reading this, consider my words a formal and engraved invitation to join the discussion. As more people participate in community blogs like My Left Nutmeg, the progressive movement gains more steam and strength.

CLICK HERE to sign up and participate at My Left Nutmeg

There is a movement underway, and everyone is invited! My Left Nutmeg is a growing community of progressives and liberal Democrats, most of whom are from the Nutmeg state, though all are welcome. Registered users (registration is FREE) are encouraged to post diaries on the politics of the day, and good work is often recognized and rewarded with promotion to the front page.

Don’t be left behind! Sign up and participate at My Left Nutmeg
Plus, while Sam Seder was reading a list of Lamont-related blogs, Majority Report co-host Janeane Garafolo began laughing her ass off when he said "My Left Nutmeg". Thankfully Seder mentioned "Connecticut Bob" just BEFORE that, or you wouldn't have heard it over Janeane's guffawing! Just for that, it's worth signing up.

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