Monday, June 19, 2006

My interview tonight with Ned Lamont

After the Norwalk DTC meeting, Ned Lamont was kind enough to spend a few minutes responding to my less than elegantly-phrased questions. I promise to sound less like an idiot and more like a journalist next time.

Here's my 2:30 video interview that is compelling and funny, especially Ned's frank response to my question about whether CT Blogger's interview I taped last week led directly to Joe Lieberman agreeing to debate him. This shows that Ned is very real and won't just say whatever someone wants to hear.

Hey, this is serious journalism here; Ned answered my questions around 8:15 tonight and this is posted well before the local 11:00 news.

Eat my shorts, Channel 3! Hahahahaha!


Anonymous said...

Great job, Bob! Ned's warmth and personality really came through here. Thanks for being our reporter on the ground! :-)

CT Bob said...

Thanks, maura and magi!

The speech he gave for the DTC was a good one, and I've almost got it ready for uploading.

This will be the answer to anyone who thinks that Lamont is a "one-issue" candidate.

Anonymous said...

Bob, c'mon. Those questions were truly idiotic.