Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Reuters: Ex-VP candidate Lieberman faces showdown over Iraq

Reuters, one of the world's largest international news agencies, has picked up on the Lamont-Lieberman race.

Ned Lamont is quoted here:
"Senator Lieberman has cheered on the president every step of the way when it comes to the invasion of Iraq, and he is too quick to compromise on core Democratic principles," Lamont, a businessman and former Greenwich town selectman, told Reuters.
The war is referenced here:
Lieberman acknowledges his support for the war runs counter to sentiment in Connecticut, where a recent poll found more than 60 percent of voters believe the war is wrong. But he also points to a poll showing just 15 percent of state voters would support a candidate based solely on his position on Iraq.
And Lieberman repeats his stance about the problem of the war without making any reference to a possible solution:
Calling himself a "proud Democrat," he said, "There is a lot of opposition to the war here but a lot of people I talk to understand that now that we're there we have to end it in a way that doesn't leave a disaster behind."
Apparently Joe Lieberman still refuses to recognize that the war in Iraq is an ongoing disaster for many thousands of American families and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families. Maybe he's referring to a political disaster, where American voters realize the current leadership isn't up to the challenge of solving this problem and might need to be replaced.

The complete article is HERE.

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