Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Anyone who thinks Ned Lamont is a "one-issue" candidate...

...obviously hasn't heard him speak!

Here's a seven minute video of Ned Lamont's speech at the Norwalk DTC last night. I highlighted each of the main issues he discussed, and this will help demolish the Lieberman meme that Ned Lamont is an "anti-war" candidate only.

If you've never heard Ned speak, take seven minutes and educate yourself. Then tell your friends to watch it. Because Ned represents what the Democratic Party should be, and maybe one day WILL be.

The video is about 11MB, and remember to hit the Pause button and let it load a bit if it starts playing choppy.

Then support a true Democrat by clicking on the sailboat to the right and making a small donation. Ned won't accept lobbyist's money, so it's up to us to help him win!


Anonymous said...

Go Ned!
There is a WaPo article that makes Lieberman look like a major assh*l*
Jihad? Nostalgia for preprimary days when bosses controlled candidates. Um. . . It reminds be of Chimpy saying it'd be easier to run a dictatorship.
Harold Meyerson: Lieberman vs. the Democrats, wed. 21 2006

Anonymous said...

Good video. Ned brought up a lot of weaknesses in current direction. I am just not I agree with him that Lieberman is either a sincere or good man. When someone is as two-faced as Lieberman (ex, Alito & women's rights), you gotta wonder.

CT Bob said...


I know what you mean about the sincere and honest remarks regarding Joe, but that's just Ned's classiness showing. The guy is a gentleman, and the way he was brought up, you always say something nice about someone before you slam him! LOL