Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's busy going into vacation

Things are hopping here at "Connecticut Bob" World Headquarters. I'm off on vacation next week, and I'm working on lining up some guest bloggers who will help keep everyone here posted on the campaign, and especially the debate scheduled a week from today.

I'll keep you informed because, you know, that's my job.

And don't forget to keep reading the blogs listed in the Links section, especially our Connecticut blogs, for the latest inside scoop in the campaign.


Anonymous said...


I love your site, and read it daily, although I don't live in Connecticut.

Would you come to KY and start a similar site :) Ernie Fletcher would provide you with nearly as much asinine blogging fodder as Lieberman.

CT Bob said...

Kelley, thanks for the encouragement!

I think Ernie's days are numbered with or without my help. But I know how you feel; we hauled our last governor out of the state capitol in chains not too long ago.

What IS it with the Republicans these days? This is probably the worst thing about Bush's contempt of the law...every other Republican will start to think think that he can get away with stuff, too...

Anonymous said...

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