Monday, June 12, 2006

New Lamont radio ad

This just in!

(gee, I always wanted to say that)

The Ned Lamont for US Senate campaign has JUST released a new 60-second radio commercial, and includes a challenge to Joe Lieberman.

They want Democrats to sign a letter to Senator Lieberman to ask that he agree to support the winner of the Democratic primary on August 8th. So far, Connecticut's junior Democratic Senator has refused to publicly pledge his support for the fair winner of the primary.

Go to to hear the ad and sign the letter. Let's try to get Joe to agree that he is, in fact, a Democrat.

(I'm Connecticut Bob, and I approved this blog posting)


CT Bob said...

What are you doing reading this?

Go listen to the ad and then sign the letter. Like, NOW!

Jeez, frickin' idiots!

(Sorry, I just watched "Napoleon Dynamite" yet again; it's the silliest family-friendly film I've seen in ages! But go listen to the ad; don't make me get my nunchucks!)

CT Bob said...

You know what? That's a really good idea.