Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thursday mid-day Roundup

UPDATE: Neal reminded me that today is in fact Wednesday and not Thursday.

See? This is what happens to me when I really focus on whole universe gets messed up! Well I'm not gonna change it. Just like Joe Lieberman, I'm not gonna do a single thing to correct my mistakes. Hah!

(God, I'm clever! OK, back to the blog)

Yes, I'm going to start doing the occasional "round-ups" anytime I'm either completely devoid of original thought, or simply too busy to come up with an original post.

In this case, I'm too busy. Specifically, I've been scouring the interwebs for video clips, still images, sound effects and other stuff for a video I'm currently putting together. I found a perfect bit of video for what I'm trying to do, but it keeps crashing my Pinnacle editing program for some reason. So I had to dump that and find another clip.

Boy, I'd really love to have a complete set of stock footage on DVD to draw from, along with a quality sound-effects library to use. It would really make doing these things a lot quicker and easier, and I'd be able to do more of them. If anyone out there in the vast and untamed, yet overwhelmingly generous blogosphere has an extra set of either of those they'd care to donate/loan/have-fall-off-the-back-of-a-truck-right-in-front-of-my-house to a worthy and hardworking video blogger, well...

Thirdparty over at LamontBlog has an examination of Political Wire's report on Lieberman right here.

CT Blogger asks "Where is the outrage?" from Joe about Ann "I'm a remarkably stupid douche" Coulter's outrageous rant against some women who have paid a huge price on September 11th, in this post.

And Larkspur over at My Left Nutmeg has Colin McEnroe's reaction to John Droney's extremely dumbassed remarks yesterday right here.

OK, my video clip just finished rendering, so it's back to the editing grind for me. Hopefully soon I'll have my latest creation uploaded!


Anonymous said...

No need to point out it's ol'hump day. I checked out the McEnroe response to Droney and it's a good one. I am flabbergasted by the Dick Morris/Chris Dodd reference at the end. *slap on the head* Which reminds me: I am so embarrassed by people who give this state a bad reputation. Lieberman is at the top of the list. Ann Coulter too. Dick Morris . . .

CT Bob said...

Oh shit, Neal! LOL

Fuck, I ain't gonna change it now. Maybe if enough people see it, they'll change the day to Thursday by popular demand and we'll be one day closer to the weekend!

mui, yeah there are some real losers who hang their hats in CT, but doesn't Coulter call Florida her home? Didn't she get in trouble for voting there illegally or something?