Tuesday, September 02, 2008

To Joe, with love

In honor of Sen. Lieberman speaking at the Republican National Convention tonight, here's some love for Joe.

This evening, his betrayal is complete. The legacy of Joe Lieberman will forever be associated with treacherous personal ambition. History will not be at all kind to the man.


CT Bob said...

You know what? Joe Lieberman's speech is much easier to take with a fifth of single malt scotch.

I just hope he stops talking before I run out.

Anonymous said...

betrayal? the democratic congress is the least popular in US history? what are you defending?

CT Bob said...

Tell me how many vetoes Bush issued in his first six years when the Republicans had the majority; compared to the last 18 months when the Democrats had the majority, and we'll talk.

Because when you have an obstructionist president, Congress can't get much done without a sixty-vote majority. Which we don't have, yet.

The GOP is going to lose big in November. Get used to the idea.

Anonymous said...

Congress is always the focal point for people's frustrations. It is a big faceless group that is easy to blame for one's freustrations, so approval ratings for the group are useless.

What would make anyone think that Joe's whiny voiced plea would win votes for anyone (Al???????)
He's an egomaniacal little man who is motivated by vengance and who has no respect for democracy. (or he would have accepted the will of the people instead of putting himself above them).
It will be a sweet day when we seat four or five more senators. I hope they put the video of him being booted from his chairmanship to the smallest office with no windows in the building.

Bob Symmes said...

Hello Nancy....Um, Ms. Pelosi, are you awake? Sen. Reid, sorry to wake you, but there's this little matter...

No really, Joe MUST know he signed his own death warrant w/the Dems - at least here in CT...and he himself threw the switch.

A year ago, West Haven narrowly voted for him over Lamont; now I can't find even Independents who'd do so.

MIKE said...

I sent the following to Lieberman last night after his appalling appearance:

Hey Joe,

Let me first answer your insipid and ridiculous question "What's Democrat like me doing at a Republican Convention like this?" The answer is you are NOT a Democrat. And secondly using your own distorted logic, I and all other CT Democrats are NOT your "fellow Democrats." And we are NOT your party.

I suggest that you immediately get OUT of MY Democratic Party by tomorrow. You are not welcome in MY Democratic Party and you have humiliated our state by your outrageous behavior.

CT Bob said...

Well, don't get your hopes up. He won't leave until he is forced to.

He reminds me of that one drunk guy who stays way later than everyone else at the party, even after they've offered to drive him home. Some people will never take a hint.

Bob Symmes said...

Hey - Shtop talking about me! We'll lose the lush vote (am important demographic in CT while we have Aunt Jodie & uncle Joe)