Friday, August 11, 2006

The backlash against Joe begins

From a post by bookwoman at Fire Dog Lake today:
We have a Labor Day parade in our (Connecticut) town, which is fun for town organizations and our high school marching band, but it’s also the traditional kick-off to the election season. State and and national politicians always walk the parade and both sides of the aisle are welcome; it’s good visibility and gets the constituents pumped up.

However, this year our first selectman has written Mr. Lieberman and respectfully requested that he NOT participate.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning where Joe, Party of One, is on a slippery slope to nowhere.
I'm trying to find out which town and first selectman this is, because I'd love to interview him! Hopefully bookwoman will get in touch with me on this.

If "both sides of the aisle are welcome", that leaves Joe Lieberman standing on the outside. Time to give it up, Senator.


Anonymous said...

Joe's "Party of One" -- otherwise known as Joe's Pity Party! I don't think the majority of CT voters are in this kind of mood, do you?

CT Bob said...

Hard to imagine that he'll garner much support, especially when you remember that he collected millions of dollars from Democrats, and the moment things didn't go his way, he "cut and ran" to another party.

Anonymous said...

Now if we can just get him to stop calling himself a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm thinks George, I bet the b
bastard wouln't give me a reach around.... look how he's going after Connecticut

Joey loves votes

Votes votes lets get some votes lets party

Logan Gawain said...

You know, I'm starting to feel good that we'll have Joe to kick around some more. (Though I'm looking forward to November when in his concession speech he's certain to channel Nixon by perhaps saying, "I'm not a crook, but you won't have Joe Lieberman to kick around anymore." ...Unless the Daily Show is right and he's planning to form his own Senate when he's defeated, again.)

Anyway, the best way to defeat him again... (We've beaten him twice so far, once at the convention when we got 30%, twice as much as we needed, and then we beat him the second time Tuesday. He wants to lose for a 3rd time, fine. Actually it's even more loserdom for him since he lost every primary in 2004.) ...Is to really remind everyone he's a sore loser. It should be in every Lamont press release, and ad. "Joe Lieberman was defeated, and now he's a sore loser, trying to con the voters again..." and take it from there into the tour of Lieberman's right wing alliances with Cheney and Rove and their failed policies.

We've beaten him twice so far, hopefully the 3rd time is charm, and he'll finally get the message. Or he'll just keep crying like a little crybaby.

If Rummy would just retire, I'm sure Rove would make give him the Pentagon to play with. Take a job in the Bush Junta Joe, and just go away, please. Joe, is making a fool of himself, and everyone is getting really tired of it.

Melina said...

I am so pissed that Joe used the Democrat money and resources to get his petition signed and get him on the road to his Party of One...Just like he used alot of that money to bring in paid supporters to plaster Stamford with signs that are just gonna fall to the floor and rot...and our taxes will go to the sanitation dept. to pick them up. The signs say "democrat" so they are no good anymore and I'm gonna start taking them down, lest anyone think that JOe is still a Dem.
I got no reply from city operations on my complaint even though they are compelled to write me a letter and let me know when the job is done.

On the other hand and in better news, after all of my signage placement and worry, it turned out that we didnt even really need signs.....thats sorta sweet, huh? Unprecedented!!
I found a beautiful Ned sign on a wall in Greenwich the other day and peeled it off to was printed up by someone and looked like an old hatch print (is that what they were called?)...all of the mailings and signs are so beautiful except for the usual plastic signs that have to be sturdy and bright.

Anyway, Ive been so busy with my half crippled son now that he has his casts off...its worse because hes weak and cant get around...again!....But I did get a little blogging done and am hoping to do more this weekend... I posted a link to the Crooks and Liars video of Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee talking about Joe....It is one of the more fantastic pieces that theyve done on that show, and thats saying alot. Joe is a huge honkin' gift to the late night shows and comedians of the, Colbert rescinded his offer to Joe and retired his Elijah chair the other night...I think he also ate Joe's cocopuffs.

Im interested in finding out which events Joe is being uninvited from, and look forward to your report, Bob...and also the legality of Joe continuing to serve on the very sensitive government committees that he is on, now that he is not a Dem anymore.

Indicating that you are going to vote with the Dems doesnt make you a Dem when youre in a new party that you just made up. What if it was the third reich party? could JOe still serve?...can anyone just make up a party at any time like that?

Stalker Joe is just a loserman...having a break with reality or forgot his Lithium....its sort of sad because, as SamanthaBbee says...we just dont want to go out with him anymore...and he doesnt get it.

Someone on said today that 79% of dems want Lamont....

Also, Ive heard a bit of grumbling from certain quarters about Ned letting the Rev Al and Jessie Jackson into the photo op. I'm from Brooklyn originally and I like the rev ( more than before, I guess) but some people have said that it will be hard for them to vote for Ned if he is parading around with those clowns.
Rev. Al has a nice show on 1190AM out of NYC on Sunday mornings at 9AM-ish, and I think that he speaks truth and sticks by his guns, even if he is a little fringy and tin foil hat here and there....I love it that he can get into the debates because he brings up so many important things.
Is the CT black vote really with the Rev and Jessie?
Im personally fine with that and was surprised to hear from a few people that they didnt like seeing him with them.....strange, huh? (and these were white people...independent and Dem)


Anonymous said...

There has been a Labor Day Parade in Newtown for many years.

Anonymous said...

sorry but its hard for me to believe that 79% of dems are with lamont