Sunday, August 27, 2006

This is Brilliant

The 9-11 report as a comic book? How horrible! How insensitive! I say "How brilliant."

40-44 million adults - 21-23 percent of the adult population - function at the lowest level of literacy skill. That means they may be able to sound out words, but can't read well enough to understand concepts or to act on what they are reading (such as keeping an appointment, reading a label on a medicine or a loan document). These are people from all walks of life -- company presidents, moms, dads, and others you would never suspect because they've hidden their inablility to read their whole lives. I learned about this a long time ago, from a man who worked with my father. To assume that people can read a leaflet is making a very false assumption.

That's why this approach is so brilliant. The story of 9-11 is now so much more accessible to so many more Americans who can use the illustrations to enhance their understanding of the words. And, think of the kids who soon will not have their own memory of 9-11-2001.

I say BRAVO! When important information needs to be communicated to all citizens, this approach makes it much more accessible.

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