Monday, August 14, 2006


Much like the soon-to-be-retired Senator Lieberman, I also neglected to reserve my web site's domain name until quite late.

Unlike the Senator however, nobody gave a crap about snatching my domain name, so is still available.

True to the Senator's lack of internet saavy, somebody immediately did a domain search on "ConnecticutForLieberman.Com" after the new party was announced, found that it was just sitting there, ripe for the taking, and fifteen minutes (and $15) later, the domain was secured.

By someone other than Joe's campaign staff.

No wonder their crappy website crashed (and burned; for many hours) on Primary Day. These guys just don't get it!

Late last week I finally got around to registering our domain, so now we're officially "", rather than the clunky, inelegant, awkward "". BTW, "" takes you right here, to this blog.

This will make it easier for me whenever somebody asks me my blog address, and it'll look cooler on the business cards.

Now...should I think about designing a T-shirt?


Anonymous said...

"Now...should I think about designing a T-shirt?"

Of course, but don't stop with the T-shirt. ConnBob merchandising could become quite profitable, I'm sure. In addition to the usual T-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc., you can offer a few items that are uniquely ConnBob. For example, how about an Official ConnBob Laptop Repair Kit (a shoe box containing duct tape and fishing line). Or, ConnBob Brand Jelly Repellant (a small bottle of tap water from the precinct that went most decisively for Ned, used by campaign workers to ward off the hired LieberGoons).

When sales take off, ConnBob, Inc. could create quite a few more jobs at its world headquarters. You'll have to act quickly though, before the market is flooded with Spazeboy merchandise.

CT Bob said...

LMAO!!! Great comment.

Yeah, now if I can only convince Ned to bankroll me, this can be HUGE! LOL