Thursday, August 10, 2006

What Next?

Amazing that Ned's win on Tuesday night led to this terror plot in London today -- boy, those al-Qaida's sure are fast. Lightning speed.
Jonathan Alter on Countdown, "The only thing we [the Rs] have to USE is fear itself."
Amazing how powerful we are now -- that all Ds are being threatened if they endorse Ned as the state primary winner, they will be tarred with the soft on terrorism goo.

Sorry, but I think the ~80% of all Americans who want us out of Iraq have figured out that the only connection between Iraq and terrorism is that Bush's folly has made Iraq much more hospitable to terrorists. THIS from TRex is a must read if you need to convince anyone why we need to get out of Iraq

My brain hurts too much tonight for analysis -- I need to just watch the Yankees game and then go to bed, hoping there isn't another crisis in the AM. Thank God for XM Radio!

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