Wednesday, August 30, 2006

They Don't Miss a Thing

From today's Courant
The commercial was produced by Josh Isay, a former chief of staff to Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York. Isay now runs his own consulting firm, Knickerbocker SKD. His past clients include Schumer and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Lamont's campaign gleefully seized on the image of the sun setting on Lieberman.

"Is the sunset in Joe's new ad a fitting metaphor for the end of his Senate career?" said a statement issued by Lamont's campaign. "Like the rest of the information coming out of his campaign it is full of distortions and lies."

Each campaign issued dueling fact sheets backing and attacking the claims made in the commercial. In an interview, Gerstein took issue with the idea that the sun is setting. "It's actually a sunrise," Gerstein said. "It's very much a sunrise."
Where are the meterology experts when we need them to settle this?


CT Bob said...

No meteorologist is needed for this one; those industrious little pests who are out there on the 'net have already uncovered the specifics of the video clips. They're from Getty Images, and the exact clips are available online with descriptions of them being a sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Dan Gerstein was obviously lying through his little forked tongue. I wonder if Sean Smith would have so ineptly put his foot in his mouth the way Danger Stein did?

Ya gotta love those pests; keeping sleazy politicians and their cohorts honest!

Anonymous said...

Typical Joe Loserman. Since when does the sun set in the east? Yet again he feeds the voters rosey images that bear no relationship to reality whatsoever.