Monday, August 14, 2006

It was Groucho Glasses!

To Ben Smith at the NY Daily News....
Nice to see you noticed us in the Bloggers' war room, but I was wearing GROUCHO glasses -- please use the corret term in the future.

The sign on the door of the bloggers' room at Ned Lamont's Primary Night election party in Meriden, Conn., read "No filming of this room without authorization." When a local television crew appeared at the door, a woman sitting in back with goofy glasses and a false nose called out, "Mainstream's not supposed to be in here." But the lines were a little blurred. Bloggers filmed one another, and a BBC cameraman roamed free.

Because I blog as well as write for "mainstream," I got a seat at one of the round tables there, rather than in the identical, but desolate, pressroom
Ben's column continues here


CT Bob said...

..."I got a seat...there, rather than in the identical, but desolate, pressroom..."

Wow, if THAT doesn't say a lot about the energy in the Blogger's war room that was flowing that night?

Anonymous said...

Ah, shit. Ben knew I was totally joking in a hyperbolic way when I said that comment about Joe being taken down by geeks and papier mache heads. He presented it like I said I really meant it. Damn.