Wednesday, August 30, 2006

DFA Endorsement Rally for Diane Farrell

This is a very important House race, and Diane Farrell needs your support. She's running against Chris Shays in the 4th District.

You know Chris Shays. He's the guy hugging Joe Lieberman:

DFA Fairfield County, Jim Dean, et al, are hosting a rally on:

Thursday, August 31st from 6pm to 8 pm
In Greenwich, CT, On the grounds in front of the Havermayer building on Greenwich Ave (near exit 3 off I-95)

Jim Dean will be there to publically announce DFA endorsement of Diane Farrell for The House of Representatives.

Also there in support will be Ned Lamont and a slate of local candidates including Frank Farricker and Ed Krumeich running very key races for seats in Hartford (do not underestimate the great importance of these state races for desperately needed leadership in Hartford and two years in advance of the next Presidential election).

With all that is happening around the country CT races are getting national and even international attention. Diane's strong campaign and impressive presence is driving more and more attention from voters, from the media and from politicians.


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Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to the picture. It begs to have a caption.

Senator Joe "I bring Home the Bacon" Lieberman celebrates moving to 49th in federal monies in front of an abandoned factory.

Champaign rally or secret meeting you be the judge

Lieberman tries to bankrupt Lamont supporters by forcing them to build multiple “Kiss” floats.

Ziggy Marley, Joe Lieberman and Chris Shays “One Love World Tour”, starting November 3 2006.

Mr. 618 said...

Jim Dean...

Would that be the actor James Dean (who is, after all, deceased) or sausage-maker Jimmy Dean?

I'm sorry, Bob, I just HAD to ask.

(Great work, brother, keep it up, and help CT get rid of Joementum)