Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Now the Analysis Begins

OK, immediate issues here. That Lieberman speech just stunned everyone here -- people who are not ones to be surprised by the total classlessness of that campaign were amazed at how low he can continue to sink.

When will the Ds make those phone calls? Who is going to sit on him? We have serious concerns that he is not reachable at this point --- I can't wait to see how the Ds in Congress respond to this -- all the elected Ds here have vanished.

More from CT Bob in video. Our work here for the night is close to finished. Thanks to all who shared this with us tonight. There is no place else I would want to be than sharing this with all of you tonight.


Anonymous said...

where can i can i get video of lamont speech from tonight?

highacidity said...

Thank you so much Bob for your heroic reportage! Good night, and we at dKos, and California have your back.

Rachel Luxemburg said...

Thank you CT Bob!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was shocked by Joe's tone. He went out angry and bitter.

Just sad.

Anonymous said...

If he runs as an independent, he'll split the Democratic ticket and a Republican will win.

Why would he possibly want a Republican to win? Sour grapes?


Maybe his Republican "affiliations" are stronger than the bonds of friendship - as strong as, say, treasury bonds?

IRS, take notice. Next Fall, soft money income will be on the rise in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

It's long been my opinion that Lieberman has been on the Repub payroll- now he's simply made it public. The best way to dispense with this turncoat is for Dems with dirt on Joe to bring it forth. Joe's been in the game a long time, and I think there are plenty of people with tales to tell. Much can happen between now and November.

Anonymous said...

For CT voters: Don't just depend on the heavy Dem hitters to put the pressure on Joe. You can do it too!

Call his office later today and say you want him to drop out for the good of the party he claims to love so much. Tell him you voted for him yesterday. Even if you didn't.

Telling half the truth is more than Joe's done for you lately.

Anonymous said...

Americablog offers this wisdom:

On Wednesday, call Senate Dems and demand that they support Lamont, and that Lieberman be removed from every Democratic seat he holds on any committee
by John in DC - 8/08/2006 11:22:00 PM

He is a disloyal Republican partisan. He now openly defies the will of the Democratic voters, and would rather risk our party's future, our chance to take back the Congress in the fall, in order to coddle his increasingly-conservative ego.

Fine, Lieberman wants a fight with Democrats, he's got one.

Our voice has to be heard, we need to stand for something. Can't we even stand to agree on who won our own elections? Joe Lieberman doesn't respect the voters, and he doesn't respect the decision of the Democratic Party, plain and simple. So he's no longer welcome in the party.

Call every single Democratic office in the Senate on Wednesday and demand two things:

1. That the Senator immediately come out in support of the Democratic Senate candidate from Connecticut, Ned Lamont.

2. That Joe Lieberman be immediately kicked out of every single committee seat given to him by the Democratic party. Joe Lieberman is more interested in his own welfare than the welfare of the party. It's time for him to go. And it's time for us to tell the Democratic party that we're going to war over this race.

3. Markos makes a great suggestion. Call the liberal interest groups who supported Lieberman and, now that Lieberman has lost, demand that they support Lamont who likely has a 100% record on most of their issues, and certainly he is better than the Republican candidate. I will be happy to help on this, so please give me feedback about any guff you get from the groups.

If that's what Joe Lieberman and the Democratic Party wants over the next three months, then that's what they're going to get. It's going to be a disaster for the party, and will jeopardize our chances of taking back the Congress. But Joe Lieberman made that decision for all of us. So let the war begin.

Actually, I'd call the Senate offices now, fill up their mailboxes for the morning, then hit them all day tomorrow.

low-tech cyclist said...

Is there a transcript of Lieberman's 'concession' speech last night? I can't find it anywhere. If the Courant has it, they've buried it deep, and of course Joe2006.com is still down.

Anonymous said...

I was a chagrined last night when Joe Lieberman decried the “partisanship” and “hate” which, in his imagination, cost him the election. What did Ned Lamont ever do but question the wisdom of Lieberman’s enthusiasm for the Iraq war, and for such things as the Terri Schiavo bill. Is that “partisanship?”

You listen to Ned Lamont talk. How much partisanship and hate do you hear?

I heard a lot more hatred in Joe Lieberman’s speech last night than I did in Ned Lamont’s -- hatred for Ned and the other people who brought him down. Here is a man with such an exaggerated sense of entitlement that he regards substantive criticism on points of national interest as clear evidence of his opponents’s evil. (Or perhaps it would be more correct to say, he regards any challenge to his power that way).

And since, in a large turnout, the Democrats of Connecticut have rejected him, they must be full of hatred and partisanship as well; and that surely justifies disregarding their will.

In his speech last night, Lieberman ironically cast himself as the selfish old man that his worst critics have accused him of being. Lieberman’s determination to run as an independent would be worthy of pity it were not also deeply injurious to the Democratic Party. As it is, it deserves only condemnation and ridicule.