Monday, August 14, 2006

House speaker Jim Amman stands by Lieberman

OK, this is not only amazingly stupid, but it reeks of the sort of awful treachery that exists only in 18th-century Scottish literature and terrible spy movies.

James Amman has BETRAYED the Democratic Party in Connecticut.

From WTNH-8 TV (Hartford-AP, Aug. 14, 2006 1:35 PM)
Not all Connecticut Democratic leaders are turning their backs on Senator Joe Lieberman and his independent bid for re-election.

Connecticut House Speaker James Amman of Milford is sticking by Lieberman. He says Lieberman has called him three times since last Tuesday's primary asking him for support. Amman says he has not heard anything from Ned Lamont, the Greenwich businessman who won the primary.
Awwww, so did Ned hurt your widdle feelings because you weren't at the top of his speed-dial list, James? Are you saying that you're the kind of politician who will give your endorsement to whichever candidate sufficiently strokes your overblown ego?

Is THAT what you're saying here, James?
Amman says he understands some Democrats who are now backing Lamont may take issue with his endorsement of Lieberman. But he says there are times when you stand with a friend no matter what the political costs are.
Gosh James, it's kind of sad the way you're willing to throw away the will of the Democratic Voters of Connectict, (a group of people who have treated you fairly well and allowed you to climb to heights you probably never dreamed of) simply for what you call "friendship".

What a guy. I'd really like you to back me up if I get into a bar fight; or if you're playing on my softball team and you make a game saving play. That's being a "friend". A good friend.

But to actively BETRAY the WILL OF THE VOTERS, that's not being a friend. That's being a PROBLEM.

Jim, could it be that you're so bold because you AREN'T being challenged for your seat this year here in our district? You are pretty much assured of another two years of living high on the hog, courtesy of that very Democratic Party that you so casually tossed aside today.

I guess you're feeling pretty confident, aren't you, Jim?
He says he's not going to be alone. He believes there will be other Democrats, town chairmen and union leaders who will come forward to back Lieberman.
Hey, I'm sure Benedict Arnold wasn't the ONLY guy to shift his loyalties during the American Revolution, but we sure know how well THAT turned out for them!

Jim, as a voter in your district, and someone who's given his support to you several times over the years, I'd just like to say one thing.

You're no longer welcome.

Because James, your behaviour will encourage Joe Lieberman to continue his doomed campaign to hold onto his Senate seat as if it was a God-given right, and will further fracture our DEMOCRATIC party and severely harm the chances we have here in Connecticut to gain THREE ADDITIONAL HOUSE SEATS.

But you go ahead and take care of your friends, Jim. That's what REALLY counts; not the will of the voters.

And if you don't remember your actions today Jim, don't worry...we will.


Anonymous said...

Need his email so I can tell him that I will work to see him replaced. Maybe he thought no one would notice, I'm taking this personally I live in Milford I think people that take money from the Democratic Party owe it some alleigence so I hope he is ready to be independently finannce.

CT Bob said...

His home phone is listed on the directory for Milford. I hear he's been getting a LOT of calls.

In fact, I called a little while ago, and guess what? Got his answering machine. Left a very polite message asking for a call-back to discuss his position on supporting a 3rd-party candidate. I left my name and number and told him I'd really like to hear from him.

I don't think my caller ID will be displaying a number that ends with -1910 anytime soon! Just a wild guess...

Anonymous said...

Left voicemail at his office will send email later. Want to think how I want to phase what I want to say without using the word asshole.

Anonymous said...

ctbob and others- sorry this is totally off topic. Not that I am not paying attention to the issues. But, I've been waiting for one of your posts, so I could tell you this bit of trivia.

So, I went to CT and stayed with my college best friend in Branford. And, I got to meet you finally (you are a great hugger, BTW). And, and you took that pix of Jane and VG and Jane used it.

Also BTW, how I got to Sullivan's is a funny story. I was on my way back from Willimantic, having driven there to deliver some Ned stuff from the Meriden HQ to Willimantic Monday eve. It was ~ 8 pm when I was heading down 91 to Branford. I thought, well, I'll try and find this Sullivan's place before I go back to Branford, bec. there's no way I'll be able to go back to NH after I get to Branford. So, I had kinda rough co-ordinates for Sullivan's- Church, or Chapel or something like that. So I circled that locale 3 times in the dark, without success. Finally, I pulled up at a stop light, and just happened to be behind a NHPD car. I inched up next to it at the intersection (red light still on) so that the PD shotgun seat was next to my driver's side. His window was open. So was mine. I said to this kid hey, I've circled these blocks a lot of times- but I can't find Sullivan's. He was so cute- it's just up the street, follow us, he said. But when will I know where it is, I asked? He said, we'll turn on the light. And so, I arrived at Sullivan's to a flashing NHPD car. Did you see that?

Anyway, back to the point. Next afternoon, amidst a brief break "home" from my poll standing, I talk to my Branford best friend. Oh, she says, I have some interesting news. G*** phoned my at work to say HE HAD SEEN YOUR PICTURE on FDL!!!! G*** is in Berkeley, doing a degree in Landscape Design, and G*** is my nominal godson (woulda been his Godmother, except no one in the family believes in God). G*** was most impressed!!!! The whole episode was/is wonderful.

And, also, my Branford best friend is committed (has been for quite some time) to spending a lot of political energy and time on the 3 CT House races, and she is totally p*ssed at the mess Joe has made.


Anonymous said...

Great post Bob. Remind me to stay on your good side.

CT Bob said...

Valley Girl! Awesome!!! :)

Heh, I didn't notice the police escort you received at Sullivan's, but to anyone who's been around this town very much, seeing flashing cop lights on Chapel Street is about as noteworthy as is getting wet in a rainstorm!

I'm glad I made your day with my low-fi shot of you and Jane (shoulda used the flash, but I was tired of blinding people!). Hey, you're a star now!

Appearing in FDL for the first time was a huge thrill for me, too (in Jane's "Home Grown" post, after I did the article on Joe's "rape maps" that became a one-day internet legend, which showed me in my made-up "EPU'd" T-shirt).

It was SO nice to meet you, and it was a blast to get to work with so many awesome people to help Ned get a win last week!

Oh, and I'm probably going to be devoting some space to the three House candidates here as the campaigns heat up, so please have your Branford friend get in touch with me with any useful information.

We might get lucky and take back BOTH houses this fall!

CT Bob said...

Sam, yeah, you better watch out! LOL!

I was ultra creatively pissed-off when I heard that James took that shit-assed backwards tack and stuck with Lieberman. The vitriol really started pouring out; I almost couldn't keep up. When I'm THAT angry, the words just splatter onto the page.

Funny though; I was unfailingly polite when I called his home and left a nice message. I guess that's why Joe has referred to me as the "happiest, aggressive interrogator"!

Just wait; Jimmy's gonna be singing a new tune REAL soon, mark my word. He may think he can handle the heat, but he's never been in MY kitchen!

Anonymous said...

CTBob- my friend is passionate about the 3 House races and very involved, also smart and articulate. I think I still have your 203 cell #, and I will pass it on to her. And, once I face the dreaded prospect of opening my emails, I will also email you with her #s. I will tell her that you are the guy I spoke to on the phone election eve, who sent me rocketing out of the house (Branford) up to Meriden ~7:55 pm. I drove 80 on 91 to get to Meriden party and arrived ~8:20. And, as there was no parking left at 4 points, I cruised into the lot behind Lamont HQ, and ended up staying there (inside HQ) til 10, rather than going to the party (even though I had gotten my ballroom entry ticket earlier). The fab staff were entering data for their own poll projections and it was wonderful to watch them at work. I did stuff like liberate tables and chairs from another room (my idea) so that they weren't crouching on the floor in the "war" room !!! I did make it to the party, of course, but didn't see you- you must have been in some super secret room. xxoo VG

Anonymous said...

Connecticut House Speaker James Amman of Milford, as an outside observer, I don't know what they call people like you in Connecticut, but where I live, we call them TOOLS. And you, sir, are clearly Joe Lieberman's tool.

Lots of luck not having an opponent the next time you run...

CT Bob said...

inkadu, blogwhoring is allowed for MLN without reservation. Feel free.

Anonymous said...

oh, bob. so jim amman supported joe lieberman before the primary and has now decided to continue to support joe lieberman! unthinkable. since amman, who has been voted into office by the democratic party, likes lieberman more than lamont, you want to kick him out of the party! anyone who doesnt agree with you should be kicked out of the party? i thought democrats could accept a difference of opinions. isnt this the party of open minds and new ideas? bob, youve given support to amman numerous times, but now since he supports lieberman he is "no longer welcome." talk about betrayal.

CT Bob said...

anon, did I say anything about kicking him out of the party? No. What I said was that he should remember where his loyalties belong.

Amann SHOULD be pissed that Lieberman has decided to ignore the will of the voters and the will of the Democratic party, and that he is damaging the party's chances of gaining seats in the House this November by his actions.

For THAT reason, Amann should be angry with Lieberman, and should stop supporting him. The voters have spoken. Doesn't the Democratic process MATTER to him?

Apparently not.

Anonymous said...

its "anon" again. bob, do you think amman should have endorsed lamont because he won the primary, despite the fact he supported lieberman? amman does not think lamont is the best candidate, so why must he support a man he feels is unfit to help lead ct?

CT Bob said...

anon, I feel that Jim's reasons for supporting Lieberman were ridiculous and petty. He stated PUBLICLY several times that he is supporting Lieberman because 1) Lieberman CALLED him three or four times, and 2) because all Jim knows about Lamont is that he's rich and he's against the war.

I don't know about you, but I think that the House Speaker and a high-profile Legislator should have BETTER REASONS THAN THAT for supporting a candidate. To me, Amann seems frivolous and condescending...those are EXACTLY the things that are WRONG with our leaders today!

Do YOU think it's a good idea for a major Democratic leader to feel he's above the idea of even taking a cursory look at the VOTER SELECTED candidate?

Do you?

Are you going to need me to make my position ANY clearer?

Anonymous said...

Getting what he deserves...

CT Bob said...