Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Potty mouth?

Normally I don't quote stories I get from Drudge, but this one was too funny. CNN’s Kyra Phillips left her body mic on while she went to the bathroom, and her somewhat catty girl talk went out live over the air.

During President Bush's speech.

Newsbusters has the transcript. If Krya's brother's wife was a bitch before, just wait until she hears her sister-in-law's comments! Poor guy.

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Kirby said...

She really pissed off some sound engineer. I've done plenty of TV, and rule 1 is that when you leave the set, you turn around and shut off your wireless transmitter. Failing that, the sound engineer is the one who saves you.

Always be nice to the lighting and sound people -- in the end, they are the ones that make you look (or sound)good or bad.