Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Scary are We?

I think I am going to end up seeing my chiropractor a lot between now and November with the head shaking I am doing already. Here's a great piece from Editor and Publisher about an editorial in the Waterbury Republican-American -- making up more stuff and suggesting Ned's family are communists.

This on top of the 527s heading this way. We must be more powerful and frightening than we ever imagined, we "insurgents" here in CT who didn't subscribe to the "protect the incumbent" meme.

Update Thanks to Gary in the comments, here's Ned's op-ed in today's WSJ


Gary said...

Actually, Bob, I have faith in Ned's ability to combat this nonsense in ways that Democratic pols have somehow not been able to. Check out today's WSJ op-ed from Ned, presumably as a response to a dubious WSJ of 8/14:

CaptCT said...

Great piece in Publisher's Weekly about the editorial in the Waterbuy paper. The ironic thing about all this is that Joe Lieberman is the one who should be apologizing to Waterbury.

Waterbury has been poorly served by its elected officials -- including JOE LIEBERMAN -- for generations. Its property taxes are outrageously high, yet its schools are poor; factories have closed and never re-opened, and politicians don't really care.

What has Joe Lieberman ever done for Waterbury? Jobs ... infrastructure improvements ... anything... ? No. Joe Lieberman, over the last 18 years, has done absolutely nothing for that town. If I still lived in Waterbury (I grew up there), I'd be mad as hell.

Tom Swan doesn't owe Waterbury an apology. The city, state, and federal politicians who've abondoned that city over the past half century, including Lieberman, are the ones who owe the city an apology.

If I were Ned Lamont, I'd be in Waterbuy asking voters why anyone there would vote for a Senator who has virtually abandoned them for the past 18 years.

Gary said...

See you tomorrow at the Lamont rally in New Haven with John Edwards!

CT Bob said...

Gary thanks for the kudos, but please read the bylines on the articles. This one (and the one preceding it) was written by the fabulous Kirby. She's a permanent contributor (and all-around nice gal) here at "Connecticut Bob".

I'd only WISHED I'd thought to write it!

And sadly, I'm gonna miss the Edwards rally. I owe my wife some serious time, and tomorrow is a big sailing race for her and I'll be crewing for her.

After my vacation next week, I expect to be at most of the major events, but I'm afraid Ned and John will have to make do without me.

(BTW, Ned's a sailor, and he envies me terribly for being able to take a week on my boat!)

Anonymous said...

Hi-I saw that editorial in the Waterbury
paper and I thought I was on acid. Communist??!!! What century is that editorial board living in? It read like something Nixon cooked up to smear Helen
Gahagan Douglas with in the 1950's. I guess the Waterbury editorial board hasn't gotten out much over the last 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if anyone's wondering, you can find out where the "sugar-daddy for the American Communist Party" nonsense comes from by just googling "thomas lamont" and "american communist party."

It seems, according to several of those websites, so I guess it's got to be true, especially since several of them repeat whole pages of each other's stuff verbatim, that Ned's great-grandaddy was one Thomas W. Lamont. History remembers him as a Republican Robber Baron who commuted to Wall Street by yacht, did the occasional diplo gig and donated an observatory or something. But in secret! he was bankrolling the Communist party. And their secret commando group - Skull & Bones, who else - destabilized Tsarist Russia in order to make the world safer for the banking interests. Aided by the Red Cross, of course.

That sneaky Trilateral Commission strikes again!

Gosh, the things you learn on this series of tubes we call the internets. Praise Jheebus the Waterbury Republican-American is finally bringing all this to the light of day.

inkadu said...

And watch out for those atheists, too! They'll get you when you're not looking!

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Bill Harrison said...

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