Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Racist Morons for Lieberman"

There are SO many things wrong here that I'm having trouble finding a place to start.

I'm sure this guy thinks he's a real hoot, and he probably cracks up the boys at his monthly Klan meetings, but you have to wonder if he represents a significant portion of those people who support Joe Lieberman?

Obviously this is someone whose TV remote has been surgically altered to only click on FoxNews channels. He drinks his Kool-Aid by the vat.

But that doesn't excuse the guy from what is a despicable, loathsome, and shameful display.

I can only hope that this walking piece of human fecal matter doesn't have plans to procreate...

The world has enough racist morons as it is.


Kirby said...

I couldn't agree more -- there will never be few enough racist morons to satify me.

But I must admit when I first saw this photo, I really wondered who "WE" was supposed to be. Doesn't look anything like Bin Laden to me -- maybe the Saudi royal family? Are they just sick and tired of the Bush family?

Anonymous said...

Bob, I'm shocked. And frankly, I'm offended by your offended-ness.

Calling ol' Moses a racist. Shame on you. Or is that guy supposed to be Noah, what with the Abe Lincoln beard and sunglasses (gotta have sunglasses out on the boat, right?)

I think you owe all the biblical patriarchs and christmas pageant shepherds an apology.

carterman said...

I had to choke back the vomit that started to spew up when I first saw this image. I tried to think of a better example of fear mongering... I couldn't. Then I remembered why I am Democrat and why this guy and Joe Lieberman aren't. Who took the photo?

Anonymous said...

bob, u crack me up. klan for joe? that makes about as much sense as 2+2=5. u have to wonder if this makes up a significant portion of lieberman supporters? ur doing the same thing as the jackass in the photo!!! hes calling lamont supporters terrorists and ur calling (a significant portion) lieberman supporters racists! wow, bob.