Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chris Matthews Commentary

Yeah, yeah, I know Tweety is a pain in the ass, and I rarely watch Hardball anymore, but every once in a while he gets it right in the commentary he provides at the end of his syndicated Sunday show. Here's what he had to say on August 13 about our little adventure here on August 8.

Last week, sitting here, I said what a huge opportunity CT Democrats were getting -- that rare chance to cast a vote that counts on the most important issue of our time – Iraq.

This past week, that promise of individual importance was delivered with a power not seen since Jack Kennedy edged out Richard Nixon by beating him, nationwide, at the rate of a single vote per precinct. You bet CT counts. I was there covering it this week for Hardball. It was clear voters were looking to send a message. The turning out of an 18-year incumbent and national media favorite, Joe Lieberman, couldn’t have been clearer.

There are those who lament the defeat of a hawkish centrist -- a senator who celebrates the notion of bipartisanship. But the Democrats in CT were faced with a choice many of us will vote on this November -– do you believe the Bush policy in Iraq is leading to less terrorist hatred or more? Are we on the right course or do we need a change? There’s no way to split the difference here. State your position Sir. As Adlai Stevenson once said, “It’s the duty of leaders to lead.” So, lead us.

You know how easy it is to give incumbents a pat on the back and say, “Go back to Congress and do the best you can to work things out in a calm, bipartisan manner.” Instead, you and a few voters like you can give the whole bunch of them the boot – and give the job to a new kid on the block, just like you did in CT. You may not like the burden – but you’ve got it.


Joe C said...

Wow. Great stuff. Kind of puts the kibosh on the GOP spin about Dem. "intolerance". I was rather pissed about that attempt to portray a real issue-vote as partisanship. This from the bunch that have made authoritarian partisanship a science.

Joe C.

Melina said...

Hey Kirby-
Its so interesting to me that Matthews has suddenly been excited and embracing the "process" that he loves so well!... He was happy to toe the line all along as a mouthpiece and showplace for the neocons when the wind was blowing that way.
So, now that Matthews is Mr. Your Vote COunts and Bush is an Ass, he is doing all sorts of fun stuff with Schlesinger and whoever...(its all over crooks and liars and youtube, and linked to on my blog in my first post today.)
But the telling thing is that Matthews is using the "Democrat" word, without the "IC"...which is a Republican talking point that signals to the base that you are onboard or some such.
I like him more, of course...even Scarborough is tolerable when hes asking if Bush is an Idiot, just for the novelty factor if nothing else....
Im just watching carefully. These guys are really shifty.
Chris Matthews was a speechwriter, and I am aware that he can turn a phrase, especially when he gives his lil' speech at the end....but hes a real stinker....Its all in the "IC"