Sunday, August 13, 2006

We DID Rock Their World!

I'm on deadline for a project, so I will follow up with more links and details later. But, Ned's national roll out on Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday was terrific -- particularly sparring with Chris Wallace. Chris Matthews' syndicated Sunday show devoted a lot of time to it, and he talked about the voters of CT -- who made the effort on a hot August -- to stand up and be counted -- for change. No more business as usual.

Being in such a small state, we are used to being ignored in national elections. This time, we were in the brightest spotlight and we stood up and shook the conventional wisdom to the core. It's all about one step at a time -- and we get that.


Unknown said...

CT has definitely become a sort of cynosure for the 2006 election. A very blue state with 3 republican reps, a peculiarly popular republican governor and a hawkish democratic senator is a perfect place for Dems to launch there national campaign.

It is nice to be noticed. Between this and Uconn basketball, people outside of the northeast know where CT is now.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the clip I thought Ned did a spectacular job. The questions and follow ups were good they didn't leave alot of wiggle room and I think Ned made his points. I think they should interview Joe the same way but they usually go pretty soft on republicans and their cronies.