Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Post-primary analysis at Sullivan's

Otherwise known as "Blogger Central" for most of the last 5 days, Sullivan's on Chapel St (near Park St) in New Haven is a cozy pub; with good food, drink, and sidewalk tables which allows you to enjoy the fine weather and some people watching.

But tonight, all eyes were looking forward, at the run for the Senate culminating in November. That is, the eyes that weren't already half-closed due to sleep deprivation and the effects of celebrating the phenomenal victory last night.

A tired but happy crew. (L to R) Will from the BBC who's shooting a documentary about the campaign and has become our friend (along with James the other BBC documentarian who was absent and probably drinking heavily if you ask me), Tim Tagaris (the birthday boy, who just turned 21 years young today!), and DeanFan84 and CT Keith (my two most favorite insurgants).

Jane (in a rather fetching frock) with me, and I dare you to tell me who you think is more tired. C'mon, I dare ya! C'mon....

...and the answer is, of course, that we're BOTH exhausted. It's a trick question. LOL.

OK, time to sleep. Colbert finally finished his Lieberman teasing. G'night.

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Beth said...


Something is not right with the main page. When I click on your main page, I am not getting yesterday's posts or today's posts.

The first post on the main page is Kirby's "The Morning After"