Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kirby is joining "Team Connecticut...Bob"

On Primary Night, Joe Lieberman proudly proclaimed his new party to be "Team Connecticut". Well, here at the REAL "Team Connecticut (Bob)", we're taking some steps to expand and improve our blog.

The awesome Kirby (seen here wearing her "secret blogging disguise"), who worked tirelessly in the bloggers "war room" on Primary Night, has suggested that she become a regular poster here on Connecticut Bob.

Of course, I immediately and enthusiastically accepted her somewhat foolish offer (probably made in a moment of weakness, but it's too late for her to take it back), and I'm currently in the process of granting her full rights to the blog.

That way she can easily post articles, pictures, and links, plus moderate comments (not that that's been much of an issue here) and do other various reporting and administrating-type activities. And that frees me up to do more fun stuff like shooting video and drinking beer.

It almost seems too good to be true!

Join me in welcoming Kirby, and please make her feel at home!


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember several months ago that I read that in order to gather signatures on a Party petition in Connecticut, the gatherer had to have been registered in that party for a certain amount of time. If that is true, how did anyone gather signatures for the party of "Connecticut for Lieberman"?

I am an outsider and am just wondering.

Sue123 said...

Kirby, congratulations are in order!

Pimp this diary over at Kos - the computer guys are tracking the movements of the Joe website fiasco.

Beth said...

Welcome Kirby!!

spazeboy said...

Welcome Kirby!

I want a sidekick too--the position comes with a red helmet, blue tights, and a ray-gun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, I just want to say thanks for all your hard work the last couple of months. Yours was by far the best blog I found as far as pics and video goes. Wonderful stuff, esp that Lamont victory party minute. I had tears coming down my cheeks.

My other favorite was the one of Goodstein and the running commentary. When "LOL" came on the screen I almost fell off my chair. Seriously.

And finally, thanks for being about the only blog that allows anon comments. I'm only regged at dkos and I lurk elsewhere. Too many passwords and userids to remember. Overload. The anon comment feature is much appreciated from here.

Another benefit of anon comments: I live in NY now but I gre up in CT. I see, sadly, that my town was one that went heavily for Lieberman. Ugh. Makes me glad I got out of there many moons ago.

Thanks again and look forward to the Fall campaign. Maybe I'll even register, you never know. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Kirby!

Anonymous #1, I think the only requirement is that the petition circulator has to be an elector in CT and not a felon on parole. I don't remember seeing anything about actual party membership, because you don't even need a party to petition for a spot on the ballot. Being an "official party" only gets you a higher row on the printed ballots.

Oaktown Girl said...

Welcome, Kirby! And thanks to you and Bob for all your hard work.

Say, I'm feeling ancy (sp?) out here about Lamont being too much of a "nice guy", and letting Lieberbush, the Rethugs, and the "world coming to an end if Lamont wins" msm define him.

Is he going to get more assertive in going on the "offensive"? For example,I think the day after the primary, the Lamont camp should have demanded the Lieberman people apologize for their reckless accusations of computer hackery. Considering all the play the "hacking" story got in the media, would that have been such a bad move? And if not, why didn't they make it? We all know from Kerry and Dukakis, among others, that ignoring mudslinging gets you a big fact electoral loss.

Anyway, can you two lend any insight from the inside on any of this? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Kirby!

I'm in New Orleans, but I've been a supporter of the Lamont campaign since Mr. Lamont declared his candidacy. My question for Connecticut Bob: What is your sense of voter response to all the inside-the-beltway and rethug support for Joe Lieberman's independent run for the senate?

Sue123 said...

Spazeboy and CTBob,
Would you palleeeze stop torturing Joe and the General?

"So now, it's hours later, and here I am in the corner farthest away from Joe, blogging and trying to stop the bleeding after my wound opened once again. Joe has a gun now. He's ranting about how the bloggers are out to steal his Senate seat, which I guess the throne has come to represent. Occasionally, he'll scream a name like Atrios, Kos, Jane, CT Bob, or Spazeboy and fire a shot into either the College Republican's keg or Marty Peretz's sewing machine. The CR's love it when he does that. They whoop and holler and say how it's so much better than being in Iraq. Marty cries."

Anonymous said...

A toast to Kirby!!!

Message to Lamont campaign people, please be careful of his personal security, he needs to stay off of small planes [Wellstone and MANY others]. Does he have large and scary bodyguards? Lamont is the real thing, and he is threatening Power. They will not roll over easily. I speak as one with a toe in this world. BE CAREFUL.

Anonymous said...

Goodness. This blog has become a must-read for me every day.
Anon. made me remember why I bookmarked this place, the Goodstein video - absolute beauty watching him be dogged by the simple question of who he really was. I loved it!!!!
I am excited to see what you bring us next.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Kirby

Thank you and CTBob for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Kirby. You guys should grab the name before some evildoer gets it and tarnishes your golden reputations. There are some very clever people out there that like to register names...

One suggestion, Bob. If you and Kirby keep wearing those silly disguises the MSM might not take you seriously. Have you heard that somewhere?