Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Need a Job?

This could be fun -- a posting for a job in the Lieberman campaign from Craig's list, posted by Colin at To Wit Only, Colin left out the part that pay is $2000 a month or a generous $12.50 and hour. How republican of you -- Go get 'em Joe!


Anonymous said...

Well, the sad fact is that most campaigns don't pay more than that - even the Lamont campaign, I'm sure. If you think $12.50 an hour is bad, if you do the math on what field staff make, it's far less than minimum wage given they work 7 days a week and more than 10 hours a day...usually with no benefits at all.

Not really a good example of progressive hiring practices, sadly.

CT Bob said...

Yeah, I tend to agree. For what the staffers make, regardless of which campaign they work for, they're all underpaid.

I think the mercenary aspect of politics only occurs at the highest levels; managers, ad agencies, consultants, etc. make the big bucks. Most of the average staffers do the work on the cheap in part because they believe in their candidate.

Kirby said...

Absolutely, Bob! Nobody 'cept the consultants are raking in the big bucks. As one insider told me on primary night, "What's amazing about this group [Lamont staff] is that they are working for Ned's victory -- not as a cover for angling for the next step after this," as is the case in most campaigns.

My point was that Lieberman has so few people interested that they had to advertise on Craig's list! If you're that desperate, you should be paying more.