Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Original Kirby

Hi Folks,
I am delighted to join Bob here at CTBob -- I finally got hooked for good primary night! Here is my inspiration -- this was taken the day after we got Kirby 8 years ago, and we knew with the look on his face he was going to be trouble. Some people would say the same about me.
And, here's the whole family -- all from the same breeder: Kirby, Gidget, Paulie, Mel. After our lesson with Kirby, the others came after the breeder had trained them and for some reason they failed championship status.
Mr. Kirby spent his first day yesterday reading FDL, CTBob (he never did see the published version of our adventure TU night, and ConnecticutBLOG

I am humbled by CTBob's praises and your welcomes, and look forward to helping Bob out with the workload so we can give you more posts and you'll stop back every day!


Anonymous said...

I was expecting the canine Kirby's to come equipped with sneaky disguises.

Great meeting you Monday Kirby & I'm glad you've found a home here with Bob!

ctblogger said...


Anonymous said...

Handsome bunch. Another topic/question. When I woke up late in California on 8/8 I switched on the TV to MSNBC and lo and behold Miss Nora was making accusations that the Lamont campaign had hacked and brought down the Senator's (former?) webside. Although I can type on a keyboard, I know squat about the technology. The blogs I read generally dismissed this as a misdirected attack and the website went down due to incompetence. Loserman and his campaign vowed to file charges with the CT attorney general. My questions are, was all of Loserman's hack hype, we're going to request charges be filed against the Lamont campaign, just bluster? Have the Loserman people made any follow-up statements regarding this "sabatoge" by Lamont's campaign "depriving people their right to vote"? Anybody in CT asking these questions?

Anonymous said...

The collies are beautiful...they remind me of the one I had growingup...hername was Suzie and she was a very lovible girl..except when we took her to the breeder to mate...NOPE...didn't want any part of it. So, she remained the old maid for many and many years. In the meantime Dad got a black collie and I cannot remember the correct name for her and her name was Mystery Maybe...and again, we bought her to breed and never had any luck....As good as they are, they can cause breeding problems. It is too bad because if you get a wonderful one, you want to pass those qualities on. Hope you have had some luck with one of your four. Again, they are beautiful and I think they are one of the best breeds around. Both of ours were wonderful with us when we were kids...very protective.
Good luck with Kirby and the rest.
Best from Boston, Maureen Maloney