Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spazeboy asks John Edwards about Katrina

Sadly, tonight I had to miss tonight's John Edwards/Ned Lamont rally in New Haven to support my wife Joyce's sailboat race.

I know this sounds a little self-indulgent; especially when you consider we have a NATION we're all working to RESCUE from the clutches of evil men!

But keep in mind that I used to be a Republican; old habits like yacht racing and eating beluga cavier while underpaying my illegal immigrant servants tend to die hard!

(OK, to be completely honest, I've never had servants; I hate cavier; and I own a 26 year-old sailboat; and I drive a shitbox Dodge Aires K-car that was built while Reagan was don't talk to me about indulgences!)

Anyway, the visit of former Vice-Presidental candidate (and possible 2008 Presidental candidate) John Edwards was substantially covered by Spazeboy and CT Blogger, so I'd imagine I wasn't missed.

Here's Spazeboy's account:
I was super excited to meet John Edwards today in New Haven. He’s the first big-name Democrat to come to Connecticut in support of Ned Lamont. I’ll have much more on the rally, and much more video as well (keep your eyes open for CTBlogger’s pictures…the few I saw were amazing!). I just wanted to post this clip of John Edwards answering two questions–one from me about (post-Katrina-) poverty, and one from a reporter about his 2008 intentions.

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mccommas said...

Yes we know John. Bush is to blame for hurricanes. Yep. But what about earthquakes and hail?