Saturday, August 19, 2006

A much deserved vacation...for my wife

I've been having so much fun with all this blogging lately that I haven't really given much thought to taking a final summer vacation. But my wife has allowed me a tremendous amount of latitude to help the Lamont campaign and be on the computer for endless hours blogging, so she deserves a week of rest and sailing on our boat.

So, later today, we're taking Full Tilt in a general eastward direction, with the idea that we'll end up in Block Island in a couple of days.

I'll be back online a week from Sunday. In the meantime, the amazing Kirby will be posting and commenting on the blog.

Enjoy your break from my amateurish writing, and you'll be treated to something that'll be interesting and informative...for a change! LOL!

See ya later, kids! Play nice.


Beth said...


You deserve that vacation with your wife. Have fun sailing to Block Island. It is a lovely island. Sure hope the weather is cooperative.

A little time away from the computer does the soul good and you come back refreshed. I speak from experience.

Peace to you and your wife.

Anonymous said...

ur kinda weird lizzy