Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Next Democratic Senator From the State of CT

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Democratic nominee for Senate....Ned Lamont

Hi guys,
The blogger room has pretty much emptied out here -- everyone grabbed a beer and are going to the ballroom to celebrate. Mr. Kirby and I will celebrate here, watching on TV.

On the podium with Ned, Sharpton, Jackson, Maxine that we can see. None of the D office holders that were behind Lieberman made it here in time -- about 20 min..

Very interesting how this will play tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Bob, thanks for all of your work and dedication. It paid off.

Anonymous said...

Ned is a class act!

Even after Joe's disgusting flipping the bird to the Democratic voters speech, Ned has the decency to tell him he's welcome in the real Democratic party.

Anonymous said...


I have stated this over at DKos and I think you should do it as well:

Not one thin dime to any Dem that endorses Lieberman or won't endorse Lamont.

Also, no advertising accepted from any Dem that endorses Lieberman.

Anonymous said...

Bob, thanks for all your work, even unto the present moment. This is a great night to be a Democrat.

Mark D. Snyder said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Who decided Sharpton should stand right behind Ned during his speech? I can already see the commercials Lieberman will run in November.

Anonymous said...

Connecticut - hats off for evicting this war criminal from the Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Just one point: when you take part in an election... any election [strike vote, union election, or primary] you agree, by taking part, to abide by the results, win or lose. If you win, you will expect those who lost to abide by the results. Thus, if you lose, you are honor-bound to abide by the results as well.

Whatever honor Senator Lieberman retained he forfeited tonight when he announced that he would not abide by the judgement of the Democratic voters of Connecticut, that he would bolt the party and run as an independent because, apparently, he believes the Senate seat is his by right.

He claims he is running as "an Independent Democrat." I suspect the MSM will fall for that line and repeat it endlessly. It is a lie. There is no such critter. There are Democrats [and the Democratic candidate for the Senate from CT is Mr. Lamont], there are Republicans and there are Independents. I urge all who blog on this, write letters to the editors, etc. to be careful not to buy into the Lieberman lie that he is an "Independent Democrat." He is an Independent. Period.

And if the DSCC funnels a single thin dime to Lieberman, one thin dime, then Chuck Schumer [sp?] needs to be relieved of his responsibilities as head of it forthwith.

Anonymous said...

If Lieberman wants to play the race card, he's going to lose more than just the union votes. His people have been disgusting, acting like African-Americans' endorsement is bad.

The unions won't stick with him. And neither will Black voters, I don't think. His sneering campaign workers have made that clear.