Friday, August 18, 2006

James Amann proves he still doesn't get it

Oh, boy.

I was willing to give State Rep. and House Speaker James Amann the benefit of a doubt about his mealy-mouthed support of Joe Lieberman, but my patience has run out. I've had it with this guy. I can no longer avoid the obvious:

James Amann is a pig-headed and stubborn throwback to the days of political favoritism!

Not only is he lazy about trying to learn about Ned Lamont's stance on the important issues, but he endlessly crows about it publicly as if that's a GOOD THING! From today's Norwich Bulletin:
"I don't know Ned Lamont. I don't know anything about Ned Lamont. He has zero experience," Amann said.
Yes! Fine! We all understand that you're too goddamned lazy and condescending to bother finding out a single thing about the voter-selected Democratic Nomineee for US Senate! Congratulations, you moron. We're all deeply impressed by your stunning display of ignorance!
"I know Joe. He's helped me in the past, he's been a friend and he's experienced."
Ah, I see it all so clearly now. What matters most to you is personal favoritism and political peearage, rather than the FUCKING ISSUES THAT AFFECT THE VOTERS!

Is this an example of the type of leadership that you stand for?

James, if you'd even once brought up a position that Ned Lamont stands for on an issue, and then explained why you disagree with it, that would be fine. I would respect that, even if I disagreed with you. That's what a political leader SHOULD do.

But you insist like a total dumbass that what matters to you MOST are the favors Joe has done for you.

This CAN'T be what you're all about, is it?

Listen up, stupid: the political landscape is changing, and you're rapidly becoming a liability rather than an asset. Either adapt and get with the program, or one day sooner than you think, you'll find yourself sitting on the sideline, wondering how you screwed up so badly!

Because it's obvious you're not the man we thought you were.

(If anyone wants to let James Amann know how they feel, please go to for contact information)


Skydogct said...

The arrogance of public officials is really astounding sometimes. I believe it's a side of politicians the general public hardly ever gets to see, unless you hang around the capital. In this case it's front and center with Amann. Of course, the poster boy for arrogance this campaign is none other than GI Joe himself. All part of the whole "we know what's best for you" mentality.

ctblogger said...

He needs to step down as Speaker. He's a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Amann is complaining about how Democrats lose elections when they don't unite behind one candidate. But he is endorsing and supporting Lieberman who is not only not the Democratic nominee, but is also currently the most divisive figure in the CT Democratic party. Instead Amann tries to spin it as Lamont's fault for focusing on the progressive wing of the party. I would laugh except it is just too pathetic.

peter said...

Amann says that "Lamont has no experience." Since when is political experience a requirement for participating in a democracy? Whatever happened to the notion of everyday citizens running for office? Is that something we hear about in 5th grade civics class but never practice?

Furthermore, Lamont is a VERY successful businessman; doesn't that experience count for something?

Oy, oy, oy!

PamB said...

The Dems have used the term Cronyism in referring to Bush and his boys, but then we turn around and have guys like Amann putting a few favors from Lieberman over his Party, the State, the Nation, even.

What is annoying, is that Reid and the rest are afraid to take away Lieberman's seniority and committee seats, because SHOULD he win, and the Senate is maintained by the Repubs as is projected, the Repubs will reward Joe and buy his votes by giving him back what we took away!!!

Anonymous said...

When is this guys next primary?

Skydogct said...

Hey Matt, I agree with your comment and would go even farther. I'd say GI Joe's probably the most devisive figure in the Democratic Party nationally. Is there anyone even close?

The Republicans' newest wedge issue, and it even walks and talks. All you need to do is feed his ego.

CT Bob said...

The hypocrisy of James Amann almost defies description. I didn't have the time this morning to deconstruct his ridiculous rational for supporting Joe, but that's almost besides the point.

I think that just by reading his words, anyone with even half a brain can see that James is so full of shit, he craps himself everytime he opens his mouth!

My next mission in life (after seeing Ned off on the Acela express to DC) will be to ensure that Amann actually has to go out and try to earn an honest living.

Only in politics and advertising is his brand of bullshit considered useful.

Anonymous said...

Amann is the only one who has told the truth. If any one really believes that the party establishment including Rosa Delauro and John Larson are really going to go into a voting both and vote for Ned in November then they are truly naive. ALL of the people who are the party establishment supporting Ned publicly are afraid of the voters but will not help him when it counts with a vote. Ned Lamont represents a change an a message to all of those who have never run or have had people like Aman stop them from running. Try again, build your own base and get these idiots out of office. Win or lose Lamont’s campaign represents more than just beating Lieberman it is the start of the end for many of these false profits who pretend to listen to the voters but pursue their own selfish agenda. Lamont has my vote and support and so does every challenger from now on.

Anonymous said...

peter youve got to be kidding me? since when is political experience an issue? would you be okay with any schmuck taking office? maybe selectman or a small town offical, fine. but US SENATOR? pretty big deal dude. yes, this is a democracy and anyone can run if he chooses to, but id be more comfortable if i knew the candidate had some sort of experience, not just a guy with a copy of the new york times.
also, anon before me, made very good points. not everyone endorsing lamont publically will vote lamont. but its stupid to vote for a challenger just for the fact hes a challenger.

Skydogct said...

Anon, I'm ok with a schmuck with no experience. If the schmuck's going to vote on issues that improves the chances of my children living in a better world, then experience be damned. As far as I'm concerned, in politicians experience is way over rated. Nancy Johnson, Strom Thurmond, Trent Lott, and of course George W all had experience. I would sure prefer an intelligent, knowledgeable, caring, honest individual with 0 experience over any of those lifetime politicians. As long as they are well versed with the issues and have a good understanding of what needs to be done, that's good enough for me, no matter how much fear Joe with his Karl Rove playbook tries to whip up. I'm sure Ned will surround himself with good, able people if he's elected to Congress, he’s doing it now. The fact is, Joe Lieberman absolutely refuses to represent the people in this state, so he should get the hell out. He won't, so we have to do it and we will. I'm sure one of his good friends from the other side of the aisle will gladly give him a job, and I hope it's in another state cause it's time he got out of Dodge.

Anonymous said...

Keep it straight:
1. Amann is uncontested for re-election in November.
2. Democrats in Milford have the same argument for keeping him as the Lieberman excuse: They don't want to lose the seat.
3. Corruption factor: "Jimmy is sending lots of money back to Milford". People no longer think of this as corruption, but it is. Also, the money coming to Milford is chump change.

Find another way, Milford Dems!

The best tactic is to pressure House Reps to unseat Amann. I vote for Chris Donovan (Meriden).

Anonymous said...

I say we all write in CT_Bob in milford when the election comes around won't he be surprised.

Anonymous said...

This is also why I think none of the above should be on every ballot

Anonymous said...

if none of the above was on ballots, some elections could take months or be unresolved.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It takes courage to stand up for a friend when others want to desert him. Friendship and Loyalty are two virtues we need more of. When Jim first ran for office Lieberman was there for him, now Jim is with Joe. It takes a great man to stand up and do the right thing even though others think him wrong. Jim Amann is the kind of person we should be electing to govern. He's a man of backbone and courage. You should respect him not ridicule him.

Anonymous said...

Im doing my school report on him and from the comments you are making on him, he seems like you cant wait until his next primary...

Anonymous said...

Jim Amann is no longer contested in Nov. of 08. Robert Frank is running against him. Looks like a Republican disguised as an Independent. I will say his videos really made an impression with me, I am actually goin to vote for Frank I like what he stands for. Bob is also right about Amann he is very arrogant I love the video comparing him to the Sopranos. Did you put that there Bob?

Anyhow check out Franks site its

oldlinedawg said...

I grew up with this guy, he was then, is now and has always been straight up.