Sunday, August 27, 2006

We've been Farked!

Just got home from vacation, and while sorting through the piles of emails, blog posts and messages waiting for me, I came across something that made my day.

We've been FARKED! is a website about nothing in particular, yet I've spent countless hours reading and commenting there. What they do is put up a link to a (usually stupid) story/blogpost/etc, and then let people comment upon it.

400 million hits a year worth. Drew Curtis must be doing something right.

And it all started with this squirrel and his nuts:

Anyway, somebody submitted my blog post from last May about Joe Lieberman and his repugnant stance on Plan B emergency contraception. It was accepted, and late last week we had a spike of hits from Fark. It was old news, but it still garnared the usual level of asinine comments peppered with occasional insights.

...and ever since I started reading, I've always wanted to be "Some Guy"!

Click on this link to read the comments on the Fark post:

"Connecticut Bob" has been Farked!

(Heh heh...I've been back only a few hours now, and already the quality of this blog has taken a nose-dive back into the comfortable mediocrity that you're all so familiar with! Didja miss me?)

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