Sunday, August 13, 2006

CT Blogger's Video

This is me during one of my rare "normal looking" moments at the Sheraton Hotel, Lamont HQ for the night.

CT Blogger from Connecticut Blog posted a 20-minute video of Ned Lamont's acceptance speech from Primary Night, bracketed by video interviews with yours truly, along with many of the local bloggers who have supported the campaign for quite a while.

I have to admit it, I might not be taken entirely seriously based on my appearance that night. Sometimes I do indulge in behaviour that might be considered "goofy". Such is my lot in life.

But I do have my reasons. In fact, I prefer to not be taken seriously; it always works in your favor if the opposition under-estimates you. I'd rather look a little goofy and be smart, than appear smart and actually be irretrievably goofy. (I think that was a quote from Sun-Tzu.)

All goofiness aside, here's the video from CT Blogger; you can just feel the excitement!


carterman said...

I just don't get it and I have to ask. What exactly is the deal with the incognito gear?

CT Bob said...

Kirby has a real-life job that requires her to not be actively identified with any political parties.

So I was wearing my fake nose/glasses in support of hers. Hence the disguises; and Kirby's handle actually being her dog's name!

I'm fine with people knowing who I am (as long as you don't tell "Jelly"). The info on my profile page is accurate. I'm cool with everyone knowing that I'm Bob Adams.