Friday, August 11, 2006

Some Random Thoughts.....

CTBob is enjoying some well-deserved downtime this weekend sailing. Mr. Kirby and I are meeting friends at the Yankees-Angels game tomorrow afternoon (but you won't recognize me on TV because I won't have my incognito blogger look).

As far as the White House angle on this one, remember a very important thing --- if Joe somehow won the election in Nov, then I'm betting he gets offered the SecDef job. I will be stunned if Jodi Rell loses the governor's seat -- she's milquetoast enough and hasn't done much of consequence one way or the other with the D controlled legislature in Hartford so that a groundswell would really vote against her.

Um, that would be a REPUB governor who would replace Lieberman with the person of her choice. Hmmmm, would that be Ned? No, think harder .....

Another way for Lieberman to screw the D out of the majority in the Senate -- take the SecDef job and be replaced with a Repub in the Senate. There's a gold-plated screw job for you.

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