Monday, August 21, 2006

Thoughts for a Monday Morning

Good morning, all! Sorry I missed you yesterday, but I tried all day and couldn't get in to Blogger. Now, I can't load pictures :-( Will work on this later.

We {{{heart}}} Bob Geiger! Not only did he generously provide us with icy cold adult beverages in the Blogger room on primary night, but he took on the burden of calling all D Senate offices to nail down where the Senators stand on Lieberman or Lamont. And, during recess, that is no easy task. Click through and scroll down to see who are the winners and who are the losers -- who need to know they are on shaky ground unless they change their tune by Labor Day. And, on the way down his front page, stop for a moment to enjoy his fabulous editorial cartoon round-up.

If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to read Joe Conason's latest in Salon -- Whatever's Best for Holy Joe. In writing about Joe's stoking of the bigotry fire by suggesting that it was wrong for Ned to "be surrounded by" Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on the podium, he writes:
Lieberman can hope to get away with his racially inflammatory strategy only if everyone else forgets not only his habit of sucking up to Jackson and Sharpton but his history of stroking the most bigoted black leader in the world. Evidently he and Gerstein (who was also his spokesman during the 2000 presidential campaign) expect that nobody will mention the embarrassing episode when Lieberman's ambition (and opportunism) led him to praise Farrakhan. Given the laziness and amnesia that afflict the national press corps, they may be right.
Conason provides a scathing reminder of Joe's "situational ethics" that started the day Gore named him VP nominee. Joe gives us a must-read, and the links he provides are invaluable.

Closer to home, don't miss Colin McEnroe's blog to read about first-person reports on people being denied the right to vote in the primary because of their registration, or lack of same. I don't think it's necessarily sinister -- it looks more like people have no clue what it means to be registered as a D or unaffiliated.

Memo to cable news: Have you ever heard of DNA??? This weirdo from Thailand claiming to have killed JonBenet -- either his DNA matches or it doesn't. Period. They have semen DNA from the scene. None of this other crap has any relevance whatsoever if the DNA doesn't match. So, get off this story and talk about something important, like a judge finding the US President's actions in the NSA wiretapping to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL many times over.

And a nice diversion for a beautiful morning here in CT -- I am an XM Radio junkie. It just has so much to offer. One of the best things I discovered is a public radio program called On Point, hosted by Tom Ashbrook. You can listed live in CT on CT Public Radio now that they have abandoned classical music -- from 10a to noon, or on XM from 9p to 11p, just before the Newshour at 11p on XM 133. You can listen or download podcasts, too -- just browse the archives. Friday night's discussion of "your brain on music" was just terrific. Nice change of pace.


Anonymous said...

Why can't the msm ask Joe about his support of democratic candidates? This would do a couple of things: If he does not support them, he/we can all stop this charade that he is an independent Democrat. If he does, when will he start speaking out about Shays, Rell and Johnson?

Right now he is blurring the lines and getting the best of both worlds: Dems who think he is still loyal and Repubs who think he is still their man.

Anonymous said...

dear bob,

this is cable news. we have no idea what dna is.