Saturday, August 19, 2006

What Responsibility!

Kirby here -- I am shaking in my boots knowing I have this awesome responsibility to keep Connecticut Bob interesting until the boss gets back. I will do my best. Blogger is incredibly slow this evening, so I'll leave you with this chart from the Hartford Courant and see you again later.


Sue123 said...

Great start - go crazy, girl!

mccommas said...

But why do Republicans like Joe? I don't understand. Joe is very very liberal. He is on America's side in the war. Granted that makes him a different kind of Democrat but he is still a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

joe is very liberal. he had voted for the war (along with 78 senators) and has tried(<--- key word) to support and give confidence to bush. although he has asked rumsfeld to resign, joe is open minded and willing to work with republicans.

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