Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This is what a REAL Connecticut sunset looks like

OK, so by now we've all seen Joe Lieberman's bought and paid-for footage of a California sunset, purchased from Getty Images (a non-Connecticut based company).

For god's sake, Joe, why not spend your money in-state?

Specifically, why not spend the money buying MY great Connecticut sunset images? God knows, I can use a new computer...and a few lobbyist's bucks could sure help!

Here's some examples of some real-live Connecticut sunsets. Take a look at them, Joe, and try to tell me that they aren't just as good as your cheap California sunsets:

This is a Connecticut sunset, Joe. You see the stack of the Bridgeport CL&P power plant? I took this picture from my boat while still located in Connecticut waters. Think you can use this for your next ad?

Here's a lovely Connecticut sunset. We took this photo on Connecticut soil, right down at Milford Point. Pretty, isn't it?

So Joe, I ask you...wouldn't you rather have some REAL Connecticut sunset images in your next commercial?


CT Bob said...

BTW, I want everyone to know that I'm not trying to claim credit for the KISS float with my blog URL that I put in on the lower right side of the sign.

It's just that the first time I posted this photo, it was copied all over the internet and nobody visited my blog because they didn't know where it came from. I figure I'll do the Lamont campaign more good if they come here and read some of my and Kirby's quality articles in support of Lamont's campaign.

Well...Kirby's quality articles, and my silly (and often irrelevant) observations and videos.

Anonymous said...

Check out the parody version of Lieberman's newest ad. The Sunset Kiss at youtube.

CT Bob said...

That's awesome; did you make the video? I need to know how you cropped that image.

Anonymous said...

Bob, your work is not silly or irrelevant, because lords know without humor we'd be really messed up! You and Kirby make the perfect balancing team evidenced by my regular visits to your site!

Sue123 said...

Well, it's on Firedoglake, and with a cudos to you.