Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lieberman Party

It's official. Now the signatures are confirmed. And we must get this meme out --

No more Lieberman D-CT. The CT for Lieberman party should be noted as Lieberman LIE-CT
Oh, and last weekend, Lamont had dinner with Shimon Peres. Tomorrow, he is lunching at the Clintons' home in Chappaqua. Who is Joe meeting with? He's campaigning today with Jodi Rell (governor) and Rob Simmons (R 2nd CD) -- both running against true Democrats!

And H/T to cgg in the comments who pointed out that Joe's most recent media splashes have been with national -- not local -- media.


peter said...

I've been noticing the same thing-- Lieberman seems to think he can win his race in CT by going on national TV. I think it's his ego getting the best of him again.

Better that Ned stay in state and visit diners and barber shops. You don't win elections in a blue state by spending your time bullshitting with right wing radio hosts.

DecayDC said...

Kirby - do you have a link to any official forms for Lieberman's party?

Anonymous said...

er, uh, correction. The new party of one is not "Lieberman for Connecticut" but "Connecticut for Lieberman" It's minor, but the question of who's for who is, in this case, of interest.

Kirby said...

Anonymous, I know, but then the joke doesn't work as well. *g* Of course, Lieberman isn't for CT!