Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Joe's new commercial...CTBob-style!

Yeah, this thing was just begging to be screwed with. I mean, when Joe serves up a hanging slider like that, EVERYONE wants to take a swing at it!

Here's my attempt at jazzing up his boring "Deep Thoughts"-like ad:

UPDATE: Scarce has put up his version of the ad RIGHT HERE. Watch very carefully and see if you can pick out what's different about this ad. (Hint: I'll never get tired of seeing the KISS float!)

UPDATE II: The video clips that are shown in Joe's coma-inducing video aren't even Connecticut shorelines. From the comments section on the official Ned Lamont blog; tip o' the hat to JeffW:
Some smart person at MyDD said it’s probably stock footage from Getty Images, and indeed it is—actually two stock clips.

If you go to gettyimages.com, search the film section for “sunset and ocean”, on page 2 of the results you’ll find items 843-1 and 843-2 from Image Bank Film. That’s what they used. So where was it shot?

Here’s the info provided for the clips (click on the “i” symbols under the thumbnails):

Medium shot pan from sunset reflecting of ocean to waves lapping up on shore / Santa Barbara, California

“Wide shot sun setting over ocean / birds walking along water’s edge / Santa Barbara”

It’s definately a sunset, and it’s definitely California.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Bob! (Nice speedy response time, too.)

Anonymous said...

Oh Bob, you're just having way too much fun....and I hope Joe is right that you don't stop!!"

Excellent job in the editing room...I'm sure your version will get a lot more hits than Joe's "come relax with me and forget all your troubles like, jobs, money, health care and wars."

Anonymous said...

You're killin' me!

Anonymous said...

Benny Hill makes everything better!

CT Bob said...

Thanks cgg! Yeah, that Benny Hill music really grows on you, huh?