Thursday, August 31, 2006

No Lieberman Endorsement?

Gee, if Joe and John McCain are such good buds, why isn't McCain supporting him?


Anonymous said...

I'M A CONNECTICUT DEMOCRAT. My first vote was for JFK, my 2nd was for LBJ and on and on.

I don't, however, vote for the Party - I vote for the person and the way that person will represent me and our country in an honest way

I'm enraged, humiliated and ready to do anything I can to make sure that this is his last campaign.

Lieberman has humiliated himself and those who trusted him to repesent the people of a State and a Country - all by himself.

I'm trying not to be angry because that's no way to vote.

I can't vote for Lieberman. I'm Jewish and a CT voter and my first response was to vote for lieberman because if he's elected and the dems control the senate he'll be chairman of a committee.

As important as that is for any state its not important enough to vote for a someone who doesn't represent me.

Among his greatest shames is that he ran as a democrat in a democratic state until he didn't want to.

We trusted him, were proud of him, and I hope that our votes will now vote for the candidate of the Democratic Party - not a traitor to the people.

A lot of stuff matters. But this isnt stuff - it's reality.

Anonymous said...

u dont vote for the party? but ur first response to vote for lieberman so that the democratic PARTY could control the senate.

CT Bob said...

anon, you misread what Any wrote.

She said if the Dems control the Senate, Lieberman can be chairman of an important committee. Understand what she means by that?

Try taking some time to digest whats written before you criticize it.