Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"The Happiest Aggressive Interrogator"

That's what Senator Lieberman labeled me as I interviewed him while leaving the Milford Senior Citizen's Center earlier today. I think it wasn't meant to be a compliment. I've posted the video below this lovely image:

"Joe and the Kiss Float"

And I got a kick out of the grin and thumbs-up Joe gives me after my last question; almost like he was impressed with my clever phrasing of the query. Hint: the question defied any good response.


TeddySanFran said...

omg you got RGJoe's head in the frame with the Kiss Float.

you are a video god.

spazeboy needs to know that the ante just got upped.

Teesside Dazza said...

I said it and before I'll say it again - keep up this good work.

I am enjoying it immensely.

Gary said...

I just love that the float follows the bus like a little dinghy. I'll bet Joe loves it too!

Bob, has anyone thought of making placards, "College Republicans for Lieberman"? ;*)

CT Bob said...

Thanks Teddysanfran! I think I'm pretty much done with Joe for now; I honestly thought "Jelly" was gonna murder me or have a stroke today!

Teesside, thanks for reading my blog and for your support!

I'm enjoying doing this, but I'll be seriously happy when the Primary is over! I can't keep this pace up forever.

Ben said...

CTBob, you're the greatest. I love that video. Wow.

I'm watching the WVIT news right now to see if there's anything about the Wake Up Wal-Mart rally...Will keep you posted...

Anonymous said...

Bob, if there's one photo that tells the story of the '06 Lieberman campaign, it's that still from your video. A petulant Joe, afraid to look up and see that his outspoken support for Bush follows him everywhere and has not been forgotten.

Jennifer said...

OMG! That's the best video! See, politics can be fun!

Anonymous said...

One question--do primary voters have to be registered in a particular party or can anyone vote in any primary in CT. Thanks, granny2

Anonymous said...

Awesome video! Is collecting petitions at the casinos not allowed?

Only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary. I can't wait to vote for Ned!

CT Bob said...

Amy, the Indian casinos are located on tribal land, which is considered a soveriegn nation. Collecting signatures outside of Connecticut (even though geographically it's IN Connecticut) invalidates them.

Plus, the Indian nations don't have labor laws like ours. So they can line up their employees and tell them to sign the petition or they're fired. Something that would void the fact that the signatures were collected without coersion.

Nice, huh?

Anonymous said...

heh, heh, heh

Anonymous said...

Great work CtBob!. Bunch of us on our way down to help tomorrow. I'll be in Meriden, with siun and others. See ya there. And keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...


Ain't that the truth!

Anonymous said...

Incredible. You make us all proud. I hope Colbert has the good sense to get you on his show.
Obviously Joe is going to be a no show!!!

Anonymous said...

He even talks like Bush, using that same annoying phrase "in other words" to further avoid answering a question.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a great shot! If he loses, it is the photo that should be in the news reports.

Still, this is the first time ever I've felt sorry for Joe Lieberman. Man, he really looks like a loser. But most Americans HATE losers, rather than feel sorry for them.

Also, for the first time, I think if he loses the primary, he's done. No way a confirmed pathetic loser like this is going to make headway as an independent. I just can't see it.

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