Monday, August 07, 2006

Live blogging from Lamont HQ

Tomorrow we'll be live blogging on Connecticut Bob from the Sheraton hotel blogger's war-room, right across from Lamont Campaign Headquarters from about lunchtime on.

Kirby (from FDL) and I will provide frequent updates, photos, and (hopefully) quick video clips online throughout the day. This is all experimental in nature, and we hope you'll be patient if things don't go smoothly.

But if our luck continues, we'll have you along for the entire adventure.

"Buy the ticket, take the ride."
- Hunter S. Thompson


Anonymous said...

Please keep throwing us as much information as you can once you start live blogging.

The whole country - and the whole world - is watching, and we're really curious!!!

none said...

If this is live blogging, I must be dead.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, this site has been hacked by the Lieberman campaing.

Anonymous said...

Elmonica, If you are alive....
Click on home and you will find videos and live blogging


Anonymous said...

Where's the "live blogging"? Nothing since this morning and it's 7 p.m.