Monday, August 28, 2006

Ned Lamont: "Rock Star"?

We all know that Ned Lamont is becoming amazingly popular as a result of his astounding victory in the Connecticut Senate primary. As more people hear his views on the issues, they realize that Ned is the right choice for change. Lamont becoming a "rock star" in the world of politics?

I don't know...we've all heard his singing of that Wang Chung classic '80's tune, "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" in the "Messy Desk" commercial; I can't say that he sounded like a rock star, but he may have been acting like a bad singer for the sake of the commercial.

Recent media coverage seems to be jumping on the "rock star" metaphor:

Lamont nearing rock-star status by SUSAN HAIGH, Associated Press, via the Bradenton Herald (08/27/06)
HARTFORD, Conn. - Ned Lamont headlined a recent fundraiser for the liberal Democracy for America. Days later, the Democratic Senate candidate was rubbing elbows with celebrities at a charity event sponsored by the liberal, and he's been a guest on Air America, the liberal talk radio network.

Has the Greenwich businessman who defeated 18-year-veteran Sen. Joe Lieberman in this month's Democratic primary hit rock-star status among progressive Democrats?

"He's pretty darn close," said Tom Hughes, executive director of Democracy for America, which helped raise more than $100,000 for Lamont during the primary.

Lamont was the top attraction at a recent fundraising event for the group, founded in 2004 by Jim Dean, brother of Howard Dean - chairman of the Democratic National Committee and former presidential candidate.

"It was the talk of the political town when he was here," Hughes said. "He is known to progressives across the country right now as somebody who just toppled a really behind-the-times entrenched incumbent. That's a huge deal."

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Anonymous said...

I see a Howard Dean type of setup coming. Beware of that Microphone Ned and watch your back. The MSM is not, has not been and will never be your friend. Keep them at arm's length and don't believe a thing they tell you!

I wanted to get rid of Bush very badly and I saw Howard Dean as the only Democrat with enough of a spine to do that. The MSM took that away and left us with Kerry. I see the same thing, attempting to leave us, in the end with the same thing--Bush's domestic poodle, Joe Lieberman.

Ron Russell